Teirney and I are thrilled! We both thought she was a he, as did most of our family, but we are so excited to add another girl to the family (on my side, it's 10 to 1...poor Jackson)! The ultrasound went extremely well and the tech (later confirmed by the midwife) said everything looks great and perfectly normal. She is measuring right on time and weighs 12 ounces, which the tech said was excellent. Her heart rate was 150 bpm.

She was extremely active very early this morning (she is obviously a daddy's girl since it appears she is a morning person just like him). I felt her more than I ever had, so today was a very big day for her. And to make it even more special, she decided she would let daddy be able to feel her kick this morning. Yep, Teirney felt her for the first time this morning. That was very exciting!

All the morning activity must have tuckered her out because she was sleeping during the ultrasound, so we didn't get to see too much activity. We did see her have the hiccups and she was putting her hand in her mouth. At the beginning of the ultrasound, she had her feet above her head so the tech was able to check the gender, but shortly thereafter she curled up into a ball for the rest of the ultrasound, so we wouldn't have been able to see what we were having had the tech not checked right away (thank goodness).

Teirney ended up having to work this afternoon, so we didn't get to go shopping together for her like we had planned, but we intend to do some this weekend together. Now, I need to find girl bedding I like. :-)

I know you're probably wondering if we've picked a name yet. We have, however, we're not sharing until she is born -- we had to keep some element of surprise alive. :-) So until then, she will now be referred to as "Bebita," instead of Bebito (so sorry for the confusion -- Teirney insists we be technical).


Public Service Announcement from Teirney himself:

In spanish, words that end with "o" are either masculine or gender-neutral. Words that end with "a" are feminine. There are some exceptions, but I won't get into those. Because we did not know the gender of our baby until now, Bebito was the appropriate name. However, now that we know the gender, it would be very strange to continue to call our baby "Bebito" - it would essentially be like calling our little girl "little baby boy." So, by changing one letter, we are now appropriately referring to our child as "little baby girl." Please keep in mind that I will not be very happy if I ever hear my daughter being referred to as "Bebito." Thank you.


Here are some pictures from the ultrasound of our sweet little angel baby.

Dear sweet Bebita, thank you so much for cooperating for mommy and daddy today. You did such a good job and I think I will reward you with an ice cream cone tonight...mmmm. You are so beautiful and we cannot wait until we can hold you in our arms...but please stay cozy and warm in there for several more months because we want you to stay healthy. You are our precious baby girl and we love you so, so much! Daddy is very excited to be having his daddy's girl. :-) We love you. xoxo


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i see lots of pink in your future. so happy you got to see her and that all is well.

love and hugs from me!

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congrats, guys!!