The World's Tiniest Pigtails!

Well, I haven't done the research, so maybe not "the world's tiniest pigtails", but they are pretty tiny (lol).  As silly as it seems, I was so excited that Kaydence's hair is finally getting long enough for pigtails...thin but long. ;-) Okay, okay, so it will be awhile before she'll be able to wear "real" pigtails, but these are cute for now, right? ;-)

These aren't the greatest photos, but I don't care, I love her! :-)



Sunkissed and Textures

It has been a very busy summer for us, but this week has been somewhat layed back, which has been nice for a change.  We were able to get out to the park a couple times this week after dinner, which hasn't happened in awhile, so that has been fun. 

It seems like everyday Kaydence does something new and I wonder "when did he learn how to do that."  Lately, she has been very good about bringing things to me when I ask.  Well, let me clarify, only if it isn't something she already has in her hands that she doesn't want to relinquish.  For instance, I was standing on a chair to get something down that was up high in the cupboard and something dropped and fell.  I asked her if she could pick it up for me and she did and handed it to me.  I know that sounds really basic and maybe somewhat silly to get excited about -- I'm sure some kids have done that much earlier than Kaydence -- but it still warms my heart to know she understands.  On the downside, now I know that when she doesn't bring something to me it's because she is being naughty and not that she doesn't understand. ;-)

Here are some storyboards from this past week.  Enjoy! :-) And in case you're wondering, a lot of the sunkissed ones, I barely touched in PSE. Gotta love hazy sunflare. :-)

Sunkissed Cutie I_wm

Sunkissed Cutie II_wm

Sunkissed Cutie III_wm

Hoyt Park_wm

Add me??? Pease (as Kaydence would say)!

I have a new blog button! Thank you to Christy at Skinned Knees for creating this absolutely perfect blog button for my blog.  I had come across her site after an e-friend of mine (Ashley at Ramblings and Photos) won a contest in which she won a free blog button created by Christy.  I adored her blog button so much, I decided I *must* have one. :-)  I've been meaning to spruce up my blog a bit as it is, so what better way to start.  Next on the list, scaling down my header.  Sorry it's so huge (haha)...I will try and work on it. ;-)

So if you enjoy reading my blog and also enjoy adding buttons to your own blog, please add me.  I adore you all! :-)

Here is my beautiful button and the code to add me, if you so wish. :-)

Blog Button

Trendy Treehouse/Shutter Love Tuesday :: Faces

Today's theme at Trendy Treehouse is "Faces." I realize a lot of the other submissions are cute and funny faces (I know those are a lot more interesting), but I had to submit this one because this is totally who my child is. Very contemplative and serious (for the most part). Today for example, we had a playdate at the Zoo and all she did was watch the kids with this exact same look on her face...well, she squinted a little because of the sun (ha ha), but you get the idea. I couldn't even get her to play on playground because she was too busy watching everyone else. So this photo is a very clear depiction of who she is.

So I leave you with my contemplative cutie.


Key Lime wm

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Thank You Trendy Treehouse


Viewers Choice

Kaydence made top 10!  But better yet, she made #1 *and* "Viewers Choice" in the Trendy Treehouse Shutter Love Tuesday submission I posted here!  Yay!!! :-)  Thank you to Marlessa from Southern Reflections for guest judging this week.

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Beach :: Fail

Ok, so you would never know by looking at these photos, but we went to the beach this past weekend and it was a complete F-A-I-L!  We were there a total of 20 minutes and then left and went to the pool instead. :-)  Kaydence wasn't a huge fan of the sand...she played for about 3 minutes and that was it.  The sand was too hot and the water was freezing, so that's not a good combination for a 1 year old.  I think we decided that our family likes the "idea" of the beach (I always said I wanted to live on the beach), but not the mess.  lol  So in other words, give us a deck on the beach and our lives would be least we're all on the same page. ;-)

beach fail_wm

Trendy Treehouse/Shutter Love Tuesday :: By The Pool

So I couldn't help but enter this photo in Trendy Treehouse's Shutter Love Tuesday because the theme this week is "By the Pool."  I had a hard time deciding between this photo and the more recent pool photo I took that is posted below.  But I ended up deciding on the classic. :-)  This was Kaydence's first day at the pool and she was so enamoured by all the kids splashing in the water that she actually stood still a couple minutes for to take this photo (well, several photos), which, for those of you who have toddlers, know that that is a miracle. ;-)

I actually got up the guts and ordered a canvas of this photo the other day from Canvas on Demand.  I was able to use the floating coupon code that went around, that apparently ended up being a mistake.  I just got an email saying that its shipped...yay!  It made me nervous ordering it because I've never ordered a canvas before, and since I'm not calibrated, I always worry what the printed photo will look like (especially enlarged).  I ordered the 16x20, but they upgraded me to the custom 16x24 size for free.  I guess we shall see how it turns out.

So I leave you with my vintage water baby "by the pool."


Waterlily II

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Tropical Beauty

We went to the pool again the other day and KK got to sport her new swimsuit. How could I resist this outfit off the Janie & Jack clearance rack? :-)

Tropical Beauty I_wm

Tropical Beauty II_wm

Tropical Beauty III_wm

Tropical Beauty V_wm

Some Recent Photos

Here are some recent photos that I thought I'd share.  KK is becoming more of a little girl everyday.  She is getting quite the personality.  

Today I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach and she said, "yeah."  Really?!?!  When did you start saying "yeah" KK (lol)?  Today apparently. :-)    






Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends are divine in this house.  It means daddy is home! :-) We had a wonderful July 4th weekend. Teirney's parents, brother, and sister came down and we spent the hot and humid weekend at the pool, grilling out, checking out some music at Summerfest, and it concluded with an Independence Day parade on Monday.  Here is a glimpse into our weekend.


Grant Park :: Love & Family

I was looking back at my previous posts and realized I never blogged about this photo shoot. I think I was trying to play "catch up" awhile back and thought I had blogged about it when, in fact, I had only uploaded them to Facebook.

So I apologize for the extremely late post, but here are some photos I took of my friend, Haley, and her beautiful family back in May ::hangs head in shame::. We were going to do a photo swap (because she is an amazing photographer herself), but I'm not sure if we'll be able to have ours taken now because she now has a newborn baby boy (absolutely gorgeous by the way) and they are moving to another state at the end of August, which I'm very sad about. :-(

If you would like to check out Haley's blog and her beautiful little boy, please do so here.

Grant Park Collage I_wm

Grant Park Collage 2_wm

Grant Park Collage 3_wm