This blog post title pretty much sums up what I'm about to share.  There is no place on earth that I would have rather been on March 17, 2011 at 6:50 p.m.  This is the story of Levi Daniel...a precious little miracle sent from above.

This little miracle was much anticipated.  Since his birth was taking place a couple hundred miles from my home, my parents gave me a cozy place to stay while awaiting his arrival.  We knew he could arrive any day...and then it happened.  I got a call from Shannon the evening of March 16 telling me that she had been having contractions all day long and that they were getting closer together...she was certain they would be meeting their little one within the next 24 hours.  So I showered, packed up my bags, and was set and ready to go whenever I got the call that they were headed to the hospital.  Around 11:30 p.m. that night, Zach called and said they were heading to the hospital.  So off I went.  I met them in the parking lot and we entered through the Emergency room to the birthing center.  The rest is history and journaled in the photos to follow.

I hope these photos will bring you joy as they tell you the story of beauty that can come from pain.  I felt so honored to have been a part of this beautiful day.  Thank you, Zach and Shannon, for allowing me to document this day that will never be forgotten.

BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER...I would love for you to check out the video montage I have put together below.  But if you don't have time, feel free to scroll down to view some of the photos that are in the video. I just feel like the video tells the story best. :-)  They are grainy and dark, but I personally think that adds to the photos since it embraces the mood of this momentous day.

Cousin Love

We are spending the weekend with my sister and Kaydence is in heaven because that means she gets to play with her cousins...all of which she adores of course!

It was warm enough to play outside the other evening and Kaydence was eating up all the attention from her cousin and her little friends. Kaydence loves playing with the "big girls."