{2 months}

I have been meaning to write this 2 month post all month and then today I realized that Quincey is actually almost 3 months now, so I am making myself sit down to write this.  Seriously, where did June go?!?!  I feel like I will be saying this every month for the rest of my life from here on out.

He did great with his 2 month shots.  He cried for just a little bit of course, but then he quieted right down and did great the rest of the day.  Here are his stats from his 2 month appointment.

Head circumference:  38cm (25%)
Height:  23in (50%)
Weight:  10lbs, 15oz (25%)

I feel like he is gigantic compared to Kaydence when she was this age.  He is really starting fill out and get some cute little chunk on him.  He has been wearing his 0-3 month clothes now for about a month and some of them are already starting to get a bit snug on him in places.  It has thrown me for a loop, since Kaydence didn't even start to wear her 0-3 month clothes until she was 3 months old.

Quincey is such a sweet little boy.  He is very snuggly and content, unless he has a gas bubble or something.  But otherwise, he just sits there and takes everything all in.  He is a lot like Kaydence in the sense that he really tries to figure everything out and is usually pretty serious for the most part.  Although, he does get quite happy after he eats and that is when I can get the most smiles out of him.  He hasn't quite given a full belly laugh yet, but he is close.  He gets really happy and excited at peek-a-boo already and he is so close to a laugh, but not quite yet.  He also likes it when I tap his nose a few times and say "beep-beeps."  He loves it and gets huge smiles!

We stopped swaddling him over a month ago now -- he was just a little over a month old when we stopped.  I remember swaddling Kaydence until she was 4 months old...no joke. lol  It was more out of fear that she wouldn't sleep through the night if we stopped, than it was the fact that she actually wanted to be swaddled.  I think we could have stopped swaddling her much earlier and she would have been fine because once we did stop, she transitioned like a gem.  From day one, we have never swaddled our babies arms in though -- we just swaddle their body with their arms out, so I think that helps with the transition.  Quincey started breaking out of his swaddle and then he would get cold and wake up, so that is when I broke out the sleep sacks.  I was a little worried at first that he wouldn't like it, but he actually slept much, much better once we started using them.  He wakes up a lot less and sleeps more soundly. 

He has started reaching for things in the last couple weeks (i.e. his toys that are attached to his play gym, etc.).  And this week, he is just starting to loosen his fists a little more.  He will sit in the bumbo for short periods of time, but not for too long yet.  He loves his play gym, bouncer, and swing.  I have noticed though that he doesn't like to stay in one thing for too long.  With Kaydence, she would tolerate anything for long periods of time, but Quincey, not so much.  He is very predictable with his schedule.  He will play for just a little bit after he eats, but before long he will be fussing for his paci so he can go back to sleep.  This is his schedule as of now.

- 7:30/8:30 a.m. -- wakes for the day and eats
- playtime with mama, diaper change, and then activity mat, bouncer, or swing
- 9:00/9:30 a.m. -- nap (in crib)
- 10:30/11:30 a.m. -- wakes to eat
- playtime with mama, diaper change, and then this is usually when we leave to run errands or go for a playdate, but if we are home then activity mat, bouncer, or swing -- he is usually awake longer during this period and sometimes won't nap until his next feeding
- 12:00/12:30 p.m. -- nap (in crib) or he will just stay awake until he is ready to eat again
- 1:30/2:00 p.m. -- wakes to eat
- playtime with mama, diaper change, and then I put him down for a nap right away, since this is when Kaydence naps and then I try to nap too when I can
- 2:00/2:30 p.m. -- nap (in crib -- this is his long nap)
- 4:30/5:30 p.m. -- wakes to eat
- playtime with mama, diaper change, and then activity mat, bouncer or swing while I make dinner -- he usually stays awake for quite awhile during this stretch
- dozes off in the swing until next feeding
- 7:30/8:30 p.m. -- wakes to eat, or he was already awake depending on what was going on that day
- playtime with mama, diaper change, and then bath (every couple days), pajamas, sleep sack, hangs out with us for a bit either watching tv or I rock him and then put him to bed for the night
- 1:30/2:30 a.m. -- wakes to eat, diaper change, put back to bed
- 4:30/5:30 a.m. -- wakes to eat, diaper change, put back to bed
- 7:30/8:30 a.m. -- wakes for the day and eats and it starts all over again

He is pretty easy to read.  When he is done being awake and held, he starts squirming and fussing a bit and then I'll put him in his crib for a nap and he'll fall right asleep.  He is amazing because I can put him in his crib wide awake and he will put himself to sleep without a peep.  It is so nice in the middle of the night because I don't need to rock him for hours to get him back to sleep.  If he is wide awake, I can still put him in his crib and know that he will put himself to sleep, it is a lifesaver considering he isn't sleeping through the night yet.

Kaydence was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks, so this waking in the night stuff is all so new to me and I dream of the day when I put him to bed some night and none of us wake up until morning...that sounds so heavenly right about now.

He loves his tummy!  I know it is against the "rules," but since we have the Angelcare Movement Monitor, we do allow him to tummy sleep sometimes.  He is a big spitter!  I talked to the pedi about it because it will literally just pour out of his mouth after feedings.  She said he is just getting rid of what he can't use...which is A LOT! lol  She said it is more of a nuisance than a problem.  I have tried just feeding him on one side, but he always likes to top off on the other side and fusses until I let him.  And since I'm a little nervous about losing my supply if I only feed from one side, I always let him.  The problem is, I probably shouldn't because it just come right back up anyway.  His bibs are always drenched with spit up.  As much as I don't want him to grow up too fast, he can grow out of his spitting at any time...so ready to be done with that already.  Kaydence was a big spitter too and it last past 6 months for her, so I think we have a long road ahead of us with that.  

Speaking of Kaydence, she LOVES her little brother to pieces.  She talks to him all the time and she will ask him questions and respond for him.  And when he is crying she loves to say "it's okay baby, I know you are sad, I will help you...here is your paci."  She is the sweetest most loving and gentle sister.  She hasn't shown any signs of jealousy and has never done anything to hurt him.  I hope and pray that will continue for a very, very long time!  She keeps trying to teach him how to do stuff, like hold onto toys, etc.  She is such a big helper and I feel so blessed by my children and the way they love each other. 

My mind is complete mush right now and I'm sure I'm missing things that I want to document, but I will have to come back and add them later when I think of them because this mama is tired and needs some sleep before the little man wakes up to eat again. :-)

Here is my precious baby boy at 2 months.
     IMG_2890  IMG_3048  IMG_2969

(little curls}

We went to the park the other week and I actually brought my camera with me...can you believe it?!?!  Haha...it really collects way too much dust these days.  Here is my sweet girl...she is getting so big!

IMG_2552_brighter   IMG_2552_b&w  IMG_2531  IMG_2668   IMG_2675
  IMG_2707  IMG_2666  IMG_2613
  IMG_2725  IMG_2731

{quincey gray -- circa 9 days old}

I was looking through my blog the other day and realized (shocked) that I never posted his newborn photos.  I thought I did...that just goes to show how sleep deprived I really am.  Can you believe he will be 2 months old tomorrow?!?!  Seriously, where does the time go!  Here he is at 9 days old!

IMG_1938_r&s   IMG_1943_r&s   IMG_1880_r&s