Cracking Up

Kaydence started this new hilarious laugh last weekend.  Friday night, Teirney's brother was in town and we were all sitting around the dinner table and Kaydence was cracking herself up.  She has developed this particular laugh even more so since then and its now become guttural.  It's hilarious!  She'll be walking around and if she is happy or pleased about something she'll just do this guttural laugh.  I love this girl more and more everyday. 

Please ignore my weird laugh at the beginning...I was just trying to imitate her to get her to do it for the camera.  She had been talking and laughing for a good 10 minutes before I got the camera out and then of course she stopped, but she got going again. :-)

"Focusing on Angles" -- I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This is my first entry in the I Heart Faces weekly photo challenge.  This week's "focus" is on angles.  I hope this one counts, but I thought it turned out to be an interesting angle -- showing the top of her head, but the shadow showing her profile. 

I took this photo one morning while Kaydence was playing in our room.  The morning light was shining in perfectly to create this amazing shadow.  I grabbed my camera quick to try and capture it.  At one point, she was actually playing with her shadow, which was really cute too (unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to capture that one).

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Secret Revealed

On my 365 blog for day 77, I posted that I cloned a little boy out of the photo.  He wasn't a part of our get together and I liked the effect of having just Kaydence and Ella in the photo.  Well, since some of you may be curious where he was, here is the SOOC (straight out of camera) shot and the edited shot.  I didn't do a very good job on the cloning, but I figured if no one knew, maybe no one would notice...and now here I am telling everyone. lol 

Betty Brinn Children's Museum

Yesterday, we went to Betty Brinn Children's Museum for a get together with some ladies from a photography board I frequent.  We had so much fun!  The lighting was crazy though -- it was constantly changing every couple steps and I finally gave up caring at one point because I couldn't keep up with changing my settings fast enough *and* keep my eye on Kaydence (she is getting fast!).  Here are some of the photos though.


I have a toddler!!!

Kaydence turned 1 years old on Sunday!  We had a little party with family and friends at our house -- we had a great time.  Poor Kaydence woke up with a cold the morning of her party.  Her nose was dripping like a faucet all day and her little eyes were red and watery.  Poor baby!  She was such a little trooper though.

We also had her 1 year doctor appointment on Monday.  She is 16 lbs, 28 3/4 in long, and her head is 44 1/4 cm.  She is such a little peanut!  The doctor isn't too concerned about her weight, but did say to start her on whole milk right away.  She said she should be getting 4 ounces/4 times a day.  She said she usually tells patients to steer clear of the bottle and put the milk in a sippy, but because she wants her to get all the milk she can, she said we should give it to her in a bottle.  She also said to add Carnation to it for the extra calories and to sweeten it a bit.  Well, we tried giving her a bottle Monday night before bed and it was *not* happening.  We have tried several times since and she refuses (even with the Carnation)!  Now whenever she sees the bottle she cries and pushes it away.  I tried giving it to her in a sippy cup and that didn't go over either.  Someone told me their little one doesn't drink milk unless they do 50/50 orange juice and milk.  I tried that tonight and she did drink about 5 ounces.  Another friend mixes coconut milk and whole milk, which I may also try.  I have no freezer stash anymore so I can't really mix breastmilk with it since my supply has completely tanked.  Going through this new phase, I'm reminded of when I first had her and I was dealing with the struggles of breastfeeding...never knowing if she was getting enough, etc.

On top of her rejecting whole milk, she is on another solids strike.  I'm hoping it's just because of her top teeth coming in.  Her pedi wants me to call her in two weeks to let her know how she is doing.  I really hope we get over this hump soon!

I have such a social butterfly on my hands.  Today, we went to the grocery store and she was hamming it up with everyone she met...she would flash this big smile and say "hi," which she says quite often these days.  I think she knew she was getting lots of attention.

Well, I leave you with some pictures from her birthday party.