I {Heart} Faces: Smiles

I just so happened to get this shot of Kaydence tonight while we were getting her ready for bed, and since it fit the theme over at i{heart}faces perfectly, I thought I would enter this week. 

I also have to point out my adorable new watermark.  Do you love it?  I do! :-)  A friend of mine helped me with it and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

Check out all the beautiful smiles entered this week here.

UPDATE ON HARD DRIVE:  My friend took a look at my hard drive and wasn't able to get it working, he even tried the freezer trick.  My only hope is a data recovery company (any recommendations appreciated).  I spent the day crying on Friday since I'm preparing myself for the worst -- it's devastating to think that I lost Kaydence's first year in photos and videos...I'm still in a bit of shock over this.  I'm still hoping and praying a data recovery company may be able to retrieve the data. 

Bitty Bows Boutique

Kaydence is sick and teething.  She has two molars coming in.  I was surprised to see the molars coming in before her other incisors.  Poor baby, what a trooper. 

In other news, my hard drive crashed last night.  I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to retreive any of the data.  I'm praying for a miracle since I had no other backup of my files.  It's possible that I lost the entire first year of Kaydence's life in photos and videos.

Despite how she was feeling, I was able to snap some photos of her with one of her Bitty Bows bows in her hair.  You can purchase this adorable bow here

Tubtime Chatter

Kaydence's new thing is talking!  She is quite the talker already...hmmm, what does that mean for the future?  I foresee lots of expensive phone bills -- especially since even now she practically has a phone glued to her ear...she loves phones.  Last night we were giving her a bath and she was talking away.  I thought for sure she would stop once I got the video camera, but she kept going.  Here are a couple videos. 

M's Shower/Bachelorette Party

It all started with this beautiful invite created by the brillant talents of Winks & Daisies.  She is extremely talented and I love all the cards she creates as well as the other unique pieces of art she designs.  I'll be a repeat customer for as long as her little shop is in existence.  You can check out her Etsy site out here

Marah's colors for her wedding are different shades of pinks and some greens, so I tried to incorporate that into her shower too.

We had a great time celebrating the new milestone in Marah's life last weekend.  She is a dear friend and I was so honored to host her lingerie shower/bachelorette party.  Here are some photos from the event.

Do you notice what the background of this framed art says? (Answer:  mattandmarah)

Blog-Lift Whine and Stuff

I would really like a new look for my blog.  I love all the cute new blog-lifts I keep seeing out there.  There is a blog designer I would *love* to get a new blog design from, but it's just not in the budget right now.  I wish I was computer savvy enough to create one myself, but I don't have Photoshop and even if I did, I would have no clue how to use it.

So to all my "followers" out there (all 38 of you ;-), please bear with me in the meantime.  I'm also contemplating changing the name of my blog as well...what do you think?  Another thing I'm not good at, coming up with catchy titles. ;-)  I have thought on it now for 2 months and still haven't come up with anything.

Oh, a side note.  Tonight, KK sucked down about 4 ounces of whole milk in her sippy before bed.  Yay!  She barely ate anything all.day.long, or yesterday for that matter.  She is on another food strike right now (lovely), so I decided when we went out to run our errands I would get her a milk shake.  Yes, a milk shake.  She has barely been drinking her milk and won't eat cheese, or yogurt right now either, so I figured she'll eat a milk shake, right?  Well, she did!  She ate half of a strawberry shake, which I was totally fine with.  Then, when we got home tonight I offered her a sippy cup of milk and she downed about 4 ounces!!!  That *never* happens.  So at least she got some milk in her today, even though she barely ate anything else.  This child stresses me out beyond belief when it comes to eating.  She has never been a good eater, whether it be nursing, purees, or solids.  I don't know why I worry so much since at least it's nothing new for her, but she is just so tiny.  The other day I noticed her little chubby cheeks wasting away a little.

I'm a little nervous about this weekend.  I'm hosting a bachelorette party here for a friend of mine this weekend, so Teirney will be taking KK to Marshfield Saturday and staying overnight.  Since she hasn't been taking a bottle, I'm not sure what will happen while they're gone.  Maybe she'll take it since I'm not there.  We shall see.  I'm still nursing 2 times a day, but after tonight and the sippy incident, I'm wondering if she would just take a sippy of whole milk before bed.  Who knows.  I've heard some people say that their child never drank much whole milk until they fully weaned them, so maybe that's the way it will be for KK too.

Oh yes, and she is 13 months today!  Wow, where did this month go?  Didn't she just turn 1?  

Well, I'm off to do my 365 before bed.


Bitty Bows Boutique

The clips featured in these photos can be found at Bitty Bows Boutique. They are beautifully handmade clips. And, as you can see, they work on the finest of hair. If you have a "baldie" in your life, these are a must have! Some of these photos may be featured on the Bitty Bows Boutique website. Please go to http://www.bittybowsboutique.com/ to check out all the fabulous hair accessories for your little ones.

These clips really are the best...they don't fall out!  I've even had to pull shirts over her head with a clip in and it didn't fall out!  That is amazing, especially with her rubber ducky head of hair.  They're a truly amazing invention and sooo cute too!  There are lots of designs that you'll be sure to love...go check them out.

You may be seeing a lot more Bitty Bows Boutique posts from me since I have lots of adorable bows and clips to take photos of. :-)

Our Little Easter Bunny

I took some pictures of Kaydence with her bunny ears the other day.  It's impossible to get her to look at me, but even so, a couple of them turned out cute.  I even tried to bribe her with m&ms to get her to look at me, but it didn't work...sigh.

Isn't She Lovely...

I'm a little behind on posting this, but the other weekend we went to the Domes and I put Kaydence's birthday/Easter dress on her for me to get some 1 year pics. It was really crowded and not an ideal place for photos of a toddling toddler -- all she wanted to do was run around and explore -- but it was adorable to see her so excited.

As the song goes, "isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful, isn't she precious...." I'll admit, I'm a little bias, but these photos brought that song to mind.