I got crafty...

I have a couple newborn shoots (for friends) that I'm doing in the next couple weeks, so I got up some motivation to make some newborn headbands.  I've had some ideas floating around in my head for awhile now, but I'm the type of person who finds it easy to envision something, but difficult to pull it off.  So this is a *version* of the headband I had envisioned, but this was my first try.  I have plans to get my craft on tomorrow as well and see if I can create that perfect masterpiece I've been picturing. lol

I really like the way this turned out, except I think it is too big for a newborn.  I tried it on KK today and it looks cute on her, but I think a newborn might drowned in it. lol

But what are your thoughts???  Likey, or no likey???


I Heart Faces :: Phone Photo

I took this photo a couple weeks ago on my cell phone (a self portrait type photo). I have been wanting to post it here on my blog, but forgot about it until I saw the theme over at I Heart Faces this week. So I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to post it.

It was a gorgeous day outside and Kaydence and I were looking out the window at the birds. I used the mirror to take this photo. It's amazing how much easier it is to take a self-portrait type photo when you have a mirror...haha.  I realize it's not the greatest/clearest photo in the world, but I still love it!

I love my girl! It seems like her little personality grows leaps and bounds by the day.


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Family Nap-time

Kaydence is teething (or so it seems since she had her hands in her mouth non-stop today) and she always seems to have a hard time going down for her naps when she is teething...not sure why, since she goes down fine at night. But today was especially hard. She wanted me to cuddle her before her nap, so I did and she fell asleep on me, but the minute I tried to stand up to put her in her crib, she clung to me (almost like a death grip...she was shaking) and said "cuddle mama...cuddle mama" over and over. I tried putting her down, but she just screamed, so I couldn't do it. So instead, we decided we would just have a family nap today in our room. Teirney and Kaydence fell asleep before I did, so I slipped out to grab my camera and captured the photo below. She has always been a beautiful sleeper...of course I'm bias. :-) I love her!

The rest of the photos are just various captures from the weekend. As you can see, she spent most of the weekend in her jammies since we didn't do a whole lot this weekend.


Now the next photos need a little explaining. I follow a blog of an amazing photographer (Kerianne Brown Photography) who is doing a 365 project of her son. Well, along side of her 365 project, she posts a video montage of her gorgeous son, Will, every weekend that her and her husband collaborate on. If you you have a minute, you need to check out her incredible blog and at least watch a couple (if not all) of the videos. They are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking -- I am always speechless after watching one and wish I had the talent/skill to do something like that. I watch with awe every week at what a beautiful gift she is giving her son by doing this. Not to mention, he is the sweetest, happiest, and gorgeous little boy ever!

So every weekend Kaydence and I look forward to watching the video together -- she is in love with "Baby Weel" (as she calls him) and it's so fun to see her get so excited about watching the video. She is so enamored by him and loves these videos, so it's something fun we look forward to. Saturday afternoon I looked to see if there was a new video yet, but there wasn't. So I just let her watch a couple of the old ones. Please don't mind her hair and jammies (lol). The following photos are just of her watching "baby Weel." :-) I don't know what we'll do when she stops doing the videos (haha).


Bath-time Hairdo

These were taken back in November (Kaydence was 20 months), so her hair has grown a bunch since then, but I came across these while catching up my 365 and wanted to share. And apparently, I've been into black and whites lately because scrolling through my blog that is practically all I see lately.

Eta: Okay, so here are some color ones that I added to make it fair. :-)






Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is my little valentine in her festive raincoat and rain boots splashing in the puddles in our driveway yesterday.  It was gorgeous out yesterday...in the 40s and the snow was melting so it was just warm enough for her to sport her pink hearts just in time for Valentine's Day.


Valentine Kisses

We had a playdate the other day at a friend's house (you can follow your blog here) and Kaydence and her little boy had so much fun together.  I thought this was appropriate for Valentine's week.


Afternoon Play

a pajama kind of day
afternoon play
a giggle or two
with a tickle between
a belly laugh or three
hugs and kisses too many to count
just between you and me

...love you my sweet girl!

I was going through photos from this past November (still trying to catch up my 365) and I came across these and couldn't help but sharing.

P.S.  And yes, you do see crusties on her face (hehe), but that's what being a kid is all about too, right?  right? I pray we will shake this eternal cold one of these days...summer can't come soon enough in our house.


Through the eyes of her mama...

...she is beautiful inside and out!

The other day, Kaydence came to me and said "may I please have toast, mommy."  I melted.

Here are some mommy shots with my new 50D that I just got last week.  I haven't had much time to play with it, but I love it so far!



I was telling Kaydence to "be cute" here, so she put her head on the couch arm like this.

She ripped a heart and was so concerned.




I said, "ok, kk, smile for me" and this was the look she gave and didn't even look at me. lol


Snack time! And look at where all her apple rinds are. lol She gave this look when I mentioned it to her and of course I had to grab the camera.

and then this look. lol so naughty but awfully cute!


She is teething right now, so her hands are in her mouth almost constantly...so sad!

And this is the, "ok, mom, time to put the camera away and actually pay attention to me" look.

She was just done at this point.