M&M's Pre-Rehearsal Dinner Shoot

We were in the Cities last weekend for Matt and Marah's wedding. Marah had asked me to take pictures for the rehearsal dinner and I agreed. Before the dinner, I was able to get some shots of the two of them together. Here are some of those photos. I have to add a disclaimer that there are wayyyy too many leg/feet shots, but I wanted to get a couple different ones and I wasn't sure which one I liked best, so I'm posting them all here (lol -- I know it's over the top on the shoe shots). Also, you're technically supposed to edit a shoot the same (or similar), but I felt like some of these photos conveyed a certain mood and edited them accordingly. And since I'm not a pro, I think I can defy the rule...at least just this once, right? ;-) I have a few more head shots that I haven't got to editing yet.









Bragging on My Babe!

I just had to brag on my baby a little here.  She made the front page of the Bitty Bows Boutique website!!!  Yay!  You can check it out here and buy some bows while you're there. ;-)

Quick Update

Well, Kaydence is officially weaned!  The first night she went without being nursed was almost 2 weeks ago tomorrow (April 27).  She did so well and went to bed perfectly and has every night since.  Awww...my baby is growing up. 

This past week has been busy.  Kaydence stayed with her grandparents in Marshfield while I went up to the Cities to help my friend, Marah, with some wedding preparations.  Teirney joined me on Friday and the  wedding was Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding and Marah was stunning -- straight out of a magazine.  You can view some of her photos here.  I took some photos at Marah's rehearsal dinner, so I'll try to post some of those later this week.

The next several weeks are going to be equally as busy as I get ready for my sister's wedding shower and some guests visiting. 

Here are some photos from the last couple weeks.

I took this photo for a book that is being made for the Grinsell family.  A song is being played in the key of E for baby Elijah.