Memorial Day Weekend

My mom stayed with me for most of last week while my dad attended a conference in Chicago. It was so nice to have her around. My dad came back on Thursday and they both left to go back to Marshfield on Friday. Here are a couple photos from their stay.

Friday evening Teirney's parents and sister came to spend the holiday weekend with us. We had a nice time together. The weather was beautiful so we spent a lot of time walking outside.

On Saturday we did a little shopping and that night Teirney and I went to Dave Scottberg's graduation party while Denny, Linda, and Tiara stayed with Kaydence. It was the first time we were away from her for more than an hour or so. They told us she did great and went to bed perfectly. Good job, Kaydence!

Sunday we went to church and then walked down to Veterans Park for the Kite Festival. It was a perfect day to fly kites because it was sunny and warm, but very windy. We didn't actually fly a kite, but it was fun to watch all the different kites floating through the air. Of course, Kaydence slept in the stroller through the whole thing. I'm sure she'll probably enjoy it more next year.

Today we walked to Alterra for breakfast and then took another walk past the water tower toward the lighthouse at Lake Park. We then had lunch at Fratellos by the river. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

We have another busy week this week. We have another playdate on Wednesday for lunch and then my sister, Josie, will be coming later that day and will be staying until Friday. We close on our house on Friday and we hope to start moving some things over this weekend. We won't officially move until the following weekend (June 6). It's going to be a crazy couple weeks, but it will be nice to get into our house -- we're looking forward to it.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend like we did.


This had to be it's own post because it's such a huge milestone. Kaydence is officially sleeping through the night (STTN). She has now gone over 2 weeks of STTN consistently. Her last feeding is between 10:30-11:30 p.m. and then she'll sleep until 7:30-8:00 a.m. Needless to say, it has been wonderful! We're so proud of her!

2 Month Shots and First Roll

Kaydence had her two month shots last Monday. You can see her bandaged little owies above. I had been planning on posting after her appointment, but we had a rough week last week. Poor baby. She cried during the shots, which was to be expected, but settled down on the way home. She was fine during the day that day, but that evening she had a meltdown and was screaming to the point of losing her voice and choking (almost throwing up, but not quite). I've never heard/seen her like that, which made me cry. Nothing I did would console her and she wouldn't even take her paci, which she loves. I thought it was a one time thing, but the next day she still wouldn't take her paci and had two more meltdowns. When Wednesday came along, I thought surely she would take her paci again, but no. She had another meltdown that night, so I called the on-call doctor. She said that babies can be fussy up to 3 days after their shots (I wouldn't call her meltdowns "fussy" -- it sounded more like a tortured scream) and to call on Thursday if she was still fussy. By Thursday, she was done with the meltdowns, but still wasn't taking her paci and she was spitting up a ton (more than usual). I called the pediatrician again on Friday and explained what was happening. She ended up putting Kaydence on Zantac to see if that would help her spitting up at all. We gave her the first dose on Saturday. I don't know that it is really helping all that much, except that she does seem to be back to her old self. As of Saturday, she was taking her paci again. So strange how she refused it the entire week and would just scream and then all of a sudden she loves it again. I still can't figure it out. We're supposed to give her the Zantac for five days and then call the pedi. I don't think I want to keep her on it, especially if it isn't helping all that much.

On a happier note, Kaydence rolled over for the first time last night! I think we may have a spunky one on our hands. We were giving her tummy time, which she doesn't always enjoy so she got mad and rolled over onto her back. Mean mommy and daddy watched her cry until she rolled over, but we did get a smile at the end. Her sweet little cry is so sad, but I had to post the video of her first roll.

Also, our little peanut only weighs 9 lbs. 5 oz., 22 inches long, and her head measures 37 cm. Here are a couple more pictures from the last couple weeks.

2 Months!

Kaydence is 2 months old today!!! She was so excited and gave us some big smiles to show us what a big girl she is. Not to mention, she slept 8 hours last night! We are so proud of her (and we hope it lasts)!

I just love her so much -- I can't stop smiling at the above photos. She has been so happy this week -- maybe because her Grandmom is here. It's so cute to see her respond to us. She studies everything. We went to my brother's house on Monday night and she knew she was in a different place because she was looking all around, studying and trying to figure everything out, it was so cute. She is growing and changing so fast -- I almost want her to slow down a little in some ways, but it is fun to see her doing new tricks everyday.

As I mentioned, my mom is here this week. It has been so nice to have her around. She has been helping me with Kaydence while I attempt to pack. Yes, we're moving! We're buying a house in Wauwatosa and closing on May 29. I think we average a move a year now...pretty sad. Well, we should be in this house for awhile (although, I think I said that the last time). We're excited about the house -- it has plenty of room and a nice big back yard.

Kaydence has her 2 month appointment on Monday and will be getting her sad. :-( I'm excited to see how much she has grown though. I'll post again after her appointment.

Here are some pictures from this week.

8 weeks and lots of smiles...

Kaydence turned 8 weeks yesterday and has been sporting lots of smiles for us. It melts my heart. She has been so happy this past week and she hasn't fussed much after I feed her, which has been so wonderful. When I feed her in the morning she is really happy and gives us lots of smiles, which has been so fun. I've been off dairy now for about 4 weeks or so. It's hard to tell if it's helping or if her digestive system is just starting to mature. I guess we will find out because I accidentally ordered a hot chocolate at Alterra today completely forgetting my dairy ban.

We had a great day today. It was sunny and beautiful here and we got to spend lots of time with daddy. We didn't go to church this morning because Kaydence had a diaper explosion just before we left, which required changing her outfit and then a few minutes later she had another one, so we would've been late. We decided to go have brunch in the Third Ward. We ate outside at Palms and I finally got to order my eggs benedict that I've been dying to have for the past 9 months. Then, we took Kaydence up to see daddy's office (mostly because he had to do a little work). We hung out there for a couple hours and then walked around the Third Ward and ate at the Milwaukee Public Market. Then we took a stroll down to Alterra and the lake. We were gone the entire day, but it was so fun to be out and about in the beautiful sunshine.

This past week Kaydence got to meet her two friends, Lily (5 months) and Sophia (4 months). It was so fun to see the girls together. I posted some pictures below. It was hard to get them all to look at the camera at the same time, but at least we got some pictures.

Well, it's bath night so I gotta run.