Rice Cereal = Fail

This afternoon we gave Kaydence her first taste of food (if you can call rice cereal food). I have to say, she didn't love it. She did, however, love her sippy cup. Maybe she isn't quite ready, but everytime we eat in front of her I feel so bad because she starts drooling and moving her mouth like she wants to eat what we're eating. I had also nursed her just prior because I didn't want her to be overly hungry before I fed her, but maybe she wasn't hungry enough? Who knows...so many questions. After watching the video, I realized I kind of put a lot of cereal on the spoon, which I think made her gag and choke a little. He, he. Oh well, we'll get the hang of it eventually.

Another first, she just started reaching for people! We were at my brother's cabin this weekend and it seemed like she reached for my mom at one point. Then, when we came home and her daddy was holding her, she very obviously leaned over and reached for me (which was actually kind of sad because she hadn't seen her daddy for a whole day, but it was really cute too).

Well, without further ado, here is history in the making. Enjoy!

Another Busy Weekend

What mom? We have another crazy weekend and I'll be stuck in my carseat again?

This is what I think of that.
Summer is basically over and it feels like it never started (to some degree). We have been so busy this summer, we had one (maybe two) free weekends. This weekend we'll be on the go again. My parents are coming down today and then tomorrow Brad, Georgie, and Molly will be having breakfast with us, followed by some of Teirney's friends coming over for a grill out in the afternoon. Kaydence and I are then leaving to go to my brother's cabin up near Green Lake for a family get together. I'll be staying overnight and coming back Sunday. Teirney hasn't decided whether he'll come up and join us for the day on Sunday or not.
I'm hoping Kaydence does okay in the car, she has been getting very antsy lately and has several screaming bouts recently. The bad thing about her screaming bouts is that she won't take her paci when she is that upset, so even if I pull over to give her the paci, she will start crying again once I get in the drivers seat and start driving. So basically, she doesn't stop until I take her out of the car. It gets quite stressful. I have discovered though that it is more likely for her to have a screaming bout in the early evening (when it starts getting dark), so I'm going to try to avoid traveling around that time.
In other news, Kaydence is sitting up on her own! She does eventually fall over but she started balancing on her own. I felt bad because yesterday she was sitting up and I was trying to take a picture of her and in the process she fell over onto a hard toy. She hit the side of her face and got a big red mark. Poor baby! Note to self: move all toys away and create a soft landing for baby in case she falls while sitting.
Well, I need to go clean the bathroom while Kaydence is sleeping...so off I go.

I Am Not A Boy

I've been waiting to put this onesie on Kaydence since she was born and now it finally fits. My friend and her husband came up with the idea when their little girl was born, so they had a friend help them design them and she gave me a few of them in different sizes. I love them!

Just this week, Kaydence is interacting so much more. She gets excited to see people and toys and has even started to bounce a little when she stands (supported by us of course). Her new thing is to tap her feet when she is standing -- it's the cutest thing. I need to try and get it on video. I think I may try to go out and get a jumperoo or exersaucer today. She is getting bored with the bumbo and I think she would love to stand and bounce all day if she could. We at first weren't going to get one because we heard they can promote bowleggedness, but we're going to break down and get one. At first I thought, "no problem, I rather have her learn to stand up against furniture anyway." Well, the problem is when I'm getting ready in the morning or making dinner, I need something to help occupy her because now she is rolling all over the place and rolls off the blanket onto the wood floor if I'm not right there playing with her.

I can't believe how fast she is growing -- we're so proud of our little peanut!

First Giggles at Peek-a-Boo

Teirney got the most giggles that I've heard yet out of Kaydence tonight. She has only given me one little giggle, but she must find her daddy far funnier. He was playing peek-a-boo with her after her bath tonight and she just thought it was the greatest thing. I was a little jealous, but I'm so glad she loves her daddy and thinks he's funny. I posted a little video of it below. Enjoy!

5 months!

Kaydence is 5 months old today! I got my first giggle yesterday, which I was ecstatic about. She hasn't done it again yet, but I keep trying.

Here are some new photos I took with my new camera. I don't have a clue how to use it yet, but hopefully I'll get better. At least I have a good subject to practice on.


Here is some footage of Kaydence in action. Enjoy!

Too cute!

I just had to post these.