{CRAVE Photography Giveaway}

As most of you know, the only lens I own is a 50mm f/1.8 and I'm *dying* to get my hands on some better glass, but our budget doesn't exactly allow for that anytime soon.  Soooo...here I am blogging about an amazing     giveaway that CRAVE Photography is hosting.  I would be so grateful if I won a lens...absolutely beside myself and over  the moon!  So I'm doing everything I can for extra entries. :-)

PLEASE go check out the incredible giveaway here!  AND, whether or not you enter the giveaway, PLEASE at  least go "like" CRAVE Photography on FB.  You won't be disappointed!!!  Her work is incredible and inspiring! I adore it! <3

Thank you CRAVE for this generous giveaway!   Happy New Year everyone! <3

{a girl and her red balloon}

We had such a wonderful Christmas with family...Kaydence absolutely loved it! We feel so blessed to have our loving families to share these precious memories with. Now we just need to get back into the swing of things at home...a brand new year is on the horizon with lots of exciting things to look forward to (i.e. an addition of a little man in our lives)! Here are some moments captured on Christmas morning. Kaydence loved her red balloon and it was by far her favorite gift -- she played with it all week!




















And here are a couple photos my sister took of us with her p&s on Christmas Eve.  Believe it or not, I didn't get any photos on Christmas Eve. :-(

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <3<3<3

It's a...


I think I'm still a little in shock. My guess was boy, but I still can't believe it. We have so many girls in my family and I am completely clueless about boys. lol But I know we will figure it out along the way. :-)

I have to admit that I'm really excited about buying some cute boy clothes. Even before I had Kaydence, I always thought the boy clothes were way cuter than the girl clothes. I know most people think the opposite...hehe. But clothing aside, we are very excited to be having a little boy and for Kaydence to have a little brother. I'm just still trying to wrap my head around it -- it might take me a bit. It does make me glad we found out now and that we didn't wait until the birth, so I have some time to adjust to the idea. ;-)

We do have a name picked out, but we always keep it a secret until after the baby is born...so you'll have to wait on that. ;-) We weren't sure about a middle name until this morning. We were lying in bed this morning talking and dreaming about our little boy and we came up with the middle name. We're very excited!

I did actually purchase my first article of boy clothing today. Just a couple of sleepers and blankets that I couldn't pass up for 50% off.

I am 24 weeks today! We are still at my parents' house this week, so I will have to post a belly pic next week.

We had a wonderful Christmas and Kaydence had the time of her life. Every time she opened a gift, she would thank whomever it was from as she was opening it -- before she could see what it was (lol) and then after she opened it, she would say "it's just what I always wanted!" I don't know where she got that from...maybe her cousin??? But I have to say, it was pretty much the cutest thing ever! She was so sweet and grateful for all her gifts and she has been having so much fun the last couple days playing with all her new toys. She, of course, is coming down with another cold, but I was glad it stayed at bay until now so that she could enjoy all the festivities.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year! Love to you all! <3

{23 weeks}

As you've noticed, I've missed a couple weeks of posting.  My brother had surgery last week and my mom has been here helping him with the recovery process, so I've been spending a lot of time with them as well.

As far as how I'm feeling, I feel great!  I never thought I would be able to say that with the rough several months I had in the beginning.  I do have a few aches and pains here and there, but for the most part I think I feel better than I did with Kaydence at this point in my pregnancy, which is shocking because I feel two times bigger than I was with Kaydence at this point. lol  I know by this time with Kaydence I was going to the chiropractor already.  The other day I thought I was going to have to make an appointment because when I got up from lying down, I could barely walk, which was very reminiscent of how I felt with Kaydence during this time (sort of misaligned), but something must have popped back into place because I felt okay once I got moving a bit.  I feel like I don't have as many aches and pains as I did with Kaydence, but I'm associating that with the fact that I'm probably more active now than I was when I was pregnant with her, but only because I'm taking care of a toddler now -- it's not like I'm running marathons or anything. lol 

Christmas is 4 days away and we have yet to see any snow.  I think we had one light dusting one day last week, but that is all we've seen yet.  I'm not a big fan of winter, but I have to say that I would be sad if we don't have a white Christmas.  It just doesn't feel like Christmas without the snow.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas with Kaydence this year...I think she is going to have so much fun.  Teirney and I aren't exchanging gifts this year (too many upcoming expenses with the new baby and all), so I'm extremely excited about finding out whether this little life growing inside of me is a boy or a girl.  We have a cake ordered and will be picking it up on Saturday.  We have invited all of our family and friends (who will be in town) to join us at 4:30 p.m. on Christmas Day for the official cutting of the cake.  I can't wait!

We have been so busy lately that I haven't even begun to think about what all needs to be accomplished before baby arrives, but that is what the New Year is for, right?  I think it's really going to fly after the new year.

Kaydence keeps talking about how she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  It's so cute!  The other day, she saw an ambulance go by and she said "I want to be a super super hero guy doctor when I grow up."  lol  Where does she come up with this stuff???  I just keep telling her that she is going to have to work really really hard in school if she wants to be a doctor. ;-)  Tonight, she noticed my sore, dry, cracked (and ugly) feet and she got all excited and said "oh mommy, I will fix it, don't worry...I will be your doctor."  She went and got the Aquaphor and asked me to open it for her so she could "fix" my feet.  I opened it for her and she began to put it on my feet.  What a little saint!  She was so excited and kept saying "I will be your doctor...I will fix it."  She has such a sweet little spirit.

Kaydence came with me when I took my brother to the hospital for his surgery.  She came into the prep area where they put his IV in and everything.  I just explained everything to her as the doctors were checking my brother over (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.).  I just wish I could have captured her face on film...she just ate it all up and then kept talking later about how she is going to be a doctor someday.  I love her determination.  We'll see if it lasts. ;-)  All that to say, it got me thinking tonight about whether or not I should have her in the delivery room when the baby comes.  I just always assumed she would stay with one of the grandparents in the waiting room (or back at the house depending on the time of day), but I think she would actually do really well.  I guess we'll have to see what all the circumstances are surrounding the birth, so we may have to play it by ear, but I think she would soak it all in.  Maybe 2 1/2 is too young for that though???  I don't know.  Do you think it would cause psychological damage? lol  I guess we'll see.

I'm headed back to Marshfield tomorrow with Kaydence and my mom for the holidays...Teirney will follow later and plans on taking the following week off.  Haha...as if an attorney ever really has "off."  I'm sure he'll probably be working a little, but at least he won't be going into the office.  I'm excited for some much needed R&R with family!

Sorry about the novel...just a little chatty tonight I guess.  Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! <3<3<3 xoxo

Here is my 23 week bump.


{20 weeks and stuff}

As you can see, I've been lazy during this pregnancy about taking and/or posting photos of Kaydence.  :-(  I have been, however, trying to keep track of some of the adorable things that come out of her mouth with her little mouse squeaky voice by posting them as my status on Facebook.  I figured I would come back here and document them "officially" one of these days, so I promise to do that soon.

Well, I've officially reached the halfway point of this pregnancy.  It's really hard to believe.  I'm nowhere near ready for this baby to come yet, so it's a good thing I have another 20-ish weeks to go.  I've finally turned a corner and feel *almost* normal.  I am feeling a million times better and feel like I can somewhat function like a normal person now without feeling the need to puke my guts out. lol  I still have a few random days here and there where I vomit, but it isn't putting me flat on my back for the entire day anymore, which I am so, so grateful for. 

I had my 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday, November 29, (yay!) and everything looks great with the baby, which we were so grateful for.  However, they did find that I have a minor case of "marginal" Placenta Previa.  My midwife is not too worried about it at this point (and neither am I), since my placenta is just partially covering my cervix.  She said that 99% of the time when they see the placenta just partially covering the cervix, as the uterus grows during the pregnancy, the placenta will move up and away from the cervix.  So that is what we will hope for in my case, which sounds promising.  But guess what that means?  I get another ultrasound!  Yay!  So I have another ultrasound scheduled for 28 weeks (January 25) to make sure my placenta has moved.  I haven't had any bleeding in this pregnancy, so that's also a positive thing.  I was just instructed to call if I see any bleeding.

We had the ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope and it's currently burning a hole in my purse. ;-)  We are planning on finding out with a cake on Christmas Day when we are home with family.  And since Teirney and I aren't really giving gifts to each other this Christmas, this will be the best gift we could give one another.  We are very excited!  All this time, I have been thinking it's a girl because I feel the exact same way I did with Kaydence (even though I know that doesn't really mean anything).  BUT, after seeing the ultrasound pictures, I am officially convinced it's a boy.  I think the baby just looks like a boy, I can't really put my finger on it.  We shall see on Christmas Day. :-)

So, what is your prediction based on the photos?  I would love to see what you think in the comments below.  :-)

My blood pressure is still good (112/60) and the baby's heartbeat was 155. :-)  I was measuring 20 weeks and 3 days at my appointment, even though I thought I was 20 weeks and 1 day.  They of course won't do anything about my due date, since it's so close.

And now, our little darling...

BABY PICS_4_crop
BABY PICS_3_crop
BABY PICS_7_crop
BABY PICS_9_crop
BABY PICS_10_crop
BABY PICS_2_crop
BABY PICS_1_crop
BABY PICS_5_crop
BABY PICS_6_crop
BABY PICS_8_crop
And here is my 20 week belly pic. :-)
20 weeks