{my story}

i'm a stay at home mom of two growing littles.  i feel so blessed to be able to spend every waking moment with my little girl and boy, and so grateful for a husband who wants me to.


my husband and i grew up together in the same church.  we basically knew each other since before we can remember.  it wasn't until we were out of highschool that our worlds really collided.  most of our friends went off to college and we were left behind, still deciding what we wanted to do with our lives, when we found a friend in one another.  late night coffees and long walks soon turned into goodnight kisses.

we got engaged in november of 2001 and were married in march of 2002.

eleven years later, we are still as in love as we were back then.  while dating, and in the years of our marriage leading up to our daughter's birth, i was a legal assistant and the breadwinner of the family, while my husband worked hard to finish undergrad and law school.

i had a miscarriage on march 13, 2008 at 6 weeks.  it was devastating, but God had a plan.  we became pregnant again 3 months later and gave birth to our beautiful daughter, kaydence selah, on march 7, 2009.  interestingly enough, teirney and i started dating march 11, 2001, got married march 16, 2002, miscarried march 13, 2008, and gave birth to our daughter march 7, 2009.  needless to say, march is a very significant month for us.

on april 6, 2012, another little miracle entered our lives.  our little man, quincey gray.  oh how nervous i was when we found out we were having a boy, but i cannot imagine my life without him now.

{random things i love}

God, my family, photography, forums, coffee, ice cream (coffee ice cream in particular), being creative/crafty, david gray, good music in general, lazy days, clean sheets, overuse of emoticons (i apologize in advance), weekends, holidays, fireworks, road trips, interior design, party planning, summer, thunderstorms, baby gap, handmade anything, vintage anything, coke, pizza, gray, hats, the word "cute", romantic walks, a beautiful image, pretty light, white, soft beds, cuddling, movies, shoes, alterra by the lake, ocean, beach, french fries dipped in mayo/ketchup...

 {welcome and thank you}

thank you for stopping by and i hope you stick around. :-)

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