Kaydence's world revolves around these beautiful pink gumballs right now...and who can blame her?  They are the prettiest little gumballs I have ever seen.   

{eggs and party hats}

We celebrated Quincey's first birthday in Madison with my family over Easter.  It was a fun filled weekend and both my kids were showered with love and attention.  We had a steak dinner on Easter Sunday followed by the singing of "happy birthday," cupcakes, and strudels (my family's Easter tradition). 

Quincey was such a little ham for the camera, which I had never seen him do before.  He is really starting to babble now.  He can say mama, dada, please, thank you, hi, bye, and dinosaur.  How is he a toddler already???  Sigh.

This is a major photo overload, but here are some candids from our little celebration!


As an extension of her birthday, we took Kaydence to a cute little spa for kids called Scoops in Madison over Easter weekend  She got her very first haircut and first mani-pedi.  It was such a cute place and I highly recommend it if you're ever near one to go check it out.  She took her cousin, Makenna, with her to get pampered and they both had so much fun!  She was oh so serious though when they were cutting her hair (typical Kaydence)...she didn't crack a smile the entire time.


My niece had a sweet baby girl, Evie, at the end of January and we got to go visit when she was about a week old. We didn't plan to do a photo session, and I didn't bring a newborn setup or anything, but here are a few images from that visit. She is the sweetest little thing and I love and miss her already!

{my little ballerina}

Kaydence got her first recital costume the other week.  Immediately when we came home, she asked if she could put it on and dance for me in the living room.  I am going to need a box of Kleenex (or two) for this recital!


Everyone always says kids grow way too fast. They aren't kidding! How did she turn four already???

For a year now, Kaydence has been talking about having a parfait birthday party. Originally, when I pictured it in my head, I imagined doing it at our house with some really cute handmade goodies and decor. But after some thought, I decided I didn't really want to do it at our house. So the search was on for a venue of sorts to host this little parfait party.

We have a local froyo place that we just love and is super cute inside, so that is what we ended up doing. Best.decision.EVER! Super easy, super affordable! And what's even better is their logo is perfect for Kaydence, as you'll see below. So my baby is four...sigh!

{eight months}

Once upon a time, this little man was eight months old and then he turned ONE (last week)!  I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I feel like he was just born and I blinked and he turned one. 
So much time has passed since I last wrote, but I'm overwhelmed with the thought of trying to catch up on all the details, so I am just going to post these photos and then skip ahead.

I will be back to post some photos from his birthday party and Easter.