Shots and Bubblefest

Kaydence had her 4 month shots last week. She did so well. She cried for a little bit immediately following, but on the ride home she was out cold (as depicted below). Instead of getting a fussy baby this time around, we got a sleepy baby! I was so grateful! The pediatrician said she is pleased with her growth and is doing well. She was 11 lbs., 5 oz. (25%), 24 inches (50%), and her head circumference was 40 cm (25%). Her height and head percentile increased from her last visits. She used to be in the 25 percentile for her height and in the 10 percentile for her head. Our little peanut is growing so fast! I can hardly believe it. They're not kidding when they say take lots of pictures because they grow fast.

Kaydence is now starting to try and get out of her bumbo. I think we're going to have our hands full with this one. I'm going to have to take a picture one of these days and post it. I keep trying to tell her she is too little to start doing that, but it makes no difference. She loves chewing on Sophie and any other toy she can fit in her mouth. She has been drooling a lot, but no teeth yet. She is also trying to crawl! She hates being on her tummy yet, so whenever I do have her on her tummy she tries to do everything she can to get off of it, including rolling over and/or putting her knees underneath her and scooting forward. She is actually belly scooting already. I need to try and get our house in order before I'm spending all my time chasing her around the house. She is smiling a lot more often, but still hasn't giggled for me. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get a giggle from her. I'm not even asking for a laugh, but a GIGGLE! Please Kaydence, give your mama a giggle. :-) I know it will happen eventually, but I'm just dying for it. All-in-all, she is doing very well and gets cuter by the minute (of course I'm bias).

This past weekend we were in Marshfield for Bubblefest (a music festival started by Teirney's brother). It was cold and rainy, so Kaydence and I only stayed for Teirney's slot. It was too bad the weather wasn't nicer, I think it deterred some people from coming out. I think everyone had a good time though, so that's the important thing. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Today, Kaydence and I are off to Madison to have lunch with my mom and sisters. Then, my mom and Josie are coming to stay with me until Friday. Tiara is coming on Friday and staying through the weekend because Teirney and I are going to a Coldplay concert on Saturday. We'll probably be gone most of the day, so this will be the first extended period of time away from Kaydence. We'll see how it goes. Must run get some things done before we have to leave this morning.

4 months!

Our baby is growing! She turned 4 months old yesterday. We go in for her 4 month doctor appointment next week Tuesday. I'm anxious to find out how much she has grown -- she is getting heavier that is for sure. She'll also get her 4 month shots, which I'm not looking forward to. I hope she takes them better than she did her 2 month shots.

We've had a busy month of "firsts" (first dip in the pool, first Father's Day, first trip to the Zoo, first Brewers game, first July 4th, first fireworks display, and first music festival) and I haven't been very good with blogging about them as they happen, so I thought I would illustrate the past month with the following pictorial.


FIRST DIP IN THE POOL: Kaydence loooooved her first pool experience. I took her to the Cross Plains pool a few weeks back when we had that really hot and humid weather. It was the perfect thing to do to keep her cool. I suspected she would like it because she loves her baths so much, but I wasn't sure if she would think the water was too cold or not. Apparently not, she loved it! So this past Monday I took her to the Wirth Aquatic Center in Brookfield. It's a really nice facility. It has a fairly large zero depth pool with some fun fountains, a couple water slides, a playground and sandbox. I think she'll really grow to love it as she gets older. We're going again tomorrow with the playgroup.


FIRST FATHER'S DAY: Believe it or not, I actually don't have a picture for Teirney's first Father's Day. I took a little bit of video that day, but I guess I didn't take any pictures. We had a lovely day though. I got up and made Teirney a nice breakfast (which I think will be an ongoing tradition) -- we had a nice family breakfast, just the three of us. Later that day, we took Kaydence on her FIRST TRIP TO THE ZOO. They were offering free admission to all dads, so Teirney got to enjoy his first "perk" of being a daddy. We were trying to get Kaydence to notice the giraffe (like Sophie the giraffe), but she was too distracted by a sign that was posted in front of her. She did enjoy the fish though.


FIRST BREWERS GAME: Matt and Marah (soon to be Matt and Marah Lawton :-) -- congrats guys!) came down to visit us the other weekend and we took in a Brewers game. We got to tailgate for a bit before the game. Kaydence did such a good job! She was trying to figure everything out at first, but then she gave up and passed out. She did get a little scared when the Brewers made a couple runs and everyone started cheering, but she didn't cry, her eyes just got huge like they usually do when she's startled. We had a great weekend with our friends.


FIRST JULY 4TH: We were so excited to spend our July 4th with our dear friends Jason and Amy and their two girls, Sophi, and Lucy. They came down to visit us for the day and we had a great time, as we always do when we're together. Teirney was excited to use his brand new grill, which he had put together the night before (good job, honey!). What's July 4th without beer brats, baked beans, and potato salad? We just hung out at the house and then took a walk to a nearby park. Sophi and Lucy were so cute with Kaydence. Sophi is going to be a good little mommy someday and Lucy and Kaydence are going to have lots of fun together as they grow older. We had a wonderful, relaxing day with our dear friends.

FIRST FIREWORKS DISPLAY: After the Fiedlers left, we had dinner at "Pops Custard," which felt very American. We hadn't yet decided if we would go to the Wauwatosa fireworks or not because we weren't dressed for it and I didn't have a mosquito net for Kaydence, but at the last minute we decided we would go for it. We parked in the Pick-n-Save parking lot across the street from Hart Park where they were shooting the fireworks off. Kaydence wasn't dressed very warmly so her and I just sat in the back of the trunk with the door opened and I wrapped her in a blanket. We weren't sure how she would respond, but she loved them. She sat still the entire time, completely enthralled by them. I was anxious to see how big her eyes got during the finale, but we ended up leaving right before the finale so that we wouldn't be sitting in traffic too long. Teirney took a picture with his phone while we were there...she looked so cute!
FIRST MUSIC FESTIVAL: Sunday was the last day of Summerfest. It was a perfect day, not too hot, not too cold, and they were having free admission from Noon-3:00 p.m., so we decided to venture out and take Kaydence to her first music festival. We so enjoyed the weather, food, music, and our little family of three. Kaydence of course was a doll in her sunglasses and got several comments from passers by.


So now you know why I didn't blog this last month...we've been busy!

Kaydence is starting to develop a little personality. She is still pretty serious, but when she smiles it lights up the entire room. She hasn't giggled for us yet and I've been trying and trying to get her to -- I'm just dying to hear that giggle. She has gotten close several times, so I'm hoping we're not too far off from hearing it. She still doesn't like tummy time -- she lasts no more than a few minutes. She'll either roll over onto her back, or start crying because she forgot she can roll over. She is starting to talk and coo a lot more, which is so cute -- she has such a pretty little voice (of course I'm bias). She's also starting to grasp onto things a little bit more now. She still sleeps through the night, which we're so grateful for. Oh and Teirney just asked me if I blogged about her first word. So I suppose I should mention that her first word is "hein," which we like to think is in response to us always saying "hi" to her and telling her to say "hi" to other people. She's genius. :-)

Well, I think that covers it for now. I'll try to be better about posting this month.

Our Little Beauty

In my last post I put a link to some of Kaydence's 3 month pictures, but I thought I would post a few of my personal favorites. Despite no smiles, I think they turned out beautifully. Thanks again to my good friend, Amy!