Rice Cereal = Fail

This afternoon we gave Kaydence her first taste of food (if you can call rice cereal food). I have to say, she didn't love it. She did, however, love her sippy cup. Maybe she isn't quite ready, but everytime we eat in front of her I feel so bad because she starts drooling and moving her mouth like she wants to eat what we're eating. I had also nursed her just prior because I didn't want her to be overly hungry before I fed her, but maybe she wasn't hungry enough? Who knows...so many questions. After watching the video, I realized I kind of put a lot of cereal on the spoon, which I think made her gag and choke a little. He, he. Oh well, we'll get the hang of it eventually.

Another first, she just started reaching for people! We were at my brother's cabin this weekend and it seemed like she reached for my mom at one point. Then, when we came home and her daddy was holding her, she very obviously leaned over and reached for me (which was actually kind of sad because she hadn't seen her daddy for a whole day, but it was really cute too).

Well, without further ado, here is history in the making. Enjoy!

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Natalie said...

that is too funny! I hope I remember to video tape when we start rice cereal. I'm thinking we may start this week. They are getting too big already! I love how she wrinkles up her nose a little bit in the video and then reaches for the drink