I Am Not A Boy

I've been waiting to put this onesie on Kaydence since she was born and now it finally fits. My friend and her husband came up with the idea when their little girl was born, so they had a friend help them design them and she gave me a few of them in different sizes. I love them!

Just this week, Kaydence is interacting so much more. She gets excited to see people and toys and has even started to bounce a little when she stands (supported by us of course). Her new thing is to tap her feet when she is standing -- it's the cutest thing. I need to try and get it on video. I think I may try to go out and get a jumperoo or exersaucer today. She is getting bored with the bumbo and I think she would love to stand and bounce all day if she could. We at first weren't going to get one because we heard they can promote bowleggedness, but we're going to break down and get one. At first I thought, "no problem, I rather have her learn to stand up against furniture anyway." Well, the problem is when I'm getting ready in the morning or making dinner, I need something to help occupy her because now she is rolling all over the place and rolls off the blanket onto the wood floor if I'm not right there playing with her.

I can't believe how fast she is growing -- we're so proud of our little peanut!

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