5 months!

Kaydence is 5 months old today! I got my first giggle yesterday, which I was ecstatic about. She hasn't done it again yet, but I keep trying.

Here are some new photos I took with my new camera. I don't have a clue how to use it yet, but hopefully I'll get better. At least I have a good subject to practice on.


Natalie said...

such cute pics! what kind of camera did you get?

Leah said...

awww...thanks! :-) i got a canon rebel xsi. i wanted an slr because i was sick of not being able to capture kaydence's split second expressions. a friend of mine recommended the rebel, but i'm new to the slr world so it is a little overwhelming. hopefully, i'll get the hang of it before she graduates. :-)

marah said...

GREAT photos Leah! Look at you, the cute mommy photographer. W00t!