Another Busy Weekend

What mom? We have another crazy weekend and I'll be stuck in my carseat again?

This is what I think of that.
Summer is basically over and it feels like it never started (to some degree). We have been so busy this summer, we had one (maybe two) free weekends. This weekend we'll be on the go again. My parents are coming down today and then tomorrow Brad, Georgie, and Molly will be having breakfast with us, followed by some of Teirney's friends coming over for a grill out in the afternoon. Kaydence and I are then leaving to go to my brother's cabin up near Green Lake for a family get together. I'll be staying overnight and coming back Sunday. Teirney hasn't decided whether he'll come up and join us for the day on Sunday or not.
I'm hoping Kaydence does okay in the car, she has been getting very antsy lately and has several screaming bouts recently. The bad thing about her screaming bouts is that she won't take her paci when she is that upset, so even if I pull over to give her the paci, she will start crying again once I get in the drivers seat and start driving. So basically, she doesn't stop until I take her out of the car. It gets quite stressful. I have discovered though that it is more likely for her to have a screaming bout in the early evening (when it starts getting dark), so I'm going to try to avoid traveling around that time.
In other news, Kaydence is sitting up on her own! She does eventually fall over but she started balancing on her own. I felt bad because yesterday she was sitting up and I was trying to take a picture of her and in the process she fell over onto a hard toy. She hit the side of her face and got a big red mark. Poor baby! Note to self: move all toys away and create a soft landing for baby in case she falls while sitting.
Well, I need to go clean the bathroom while Kaydence is off I go.


Alicia Smith Osland said...

these photos are too cute :(

Natalie said...

look at those pretty eyes! So cute! Penny hates the carseat on trips too, but I figured out that if I turn the fan on as high as it will go (with or without the air conditioning turned on) the shh-ing sound puts her to sleep most of the time. Don't know if it will work for Kaydence, but maybe? good luck!

Leah said...

thanks for the tip, natalie. i'll have to try that the next time. she actually did great this weekend, especially considering it took us a lot longer to get there because i got lost (long story). i'm so glad she hung in there. thanks again. :-)