Memorial Day Weekend

My mom stayed with me for most of last week while my dad attended a conference in Chicago. It was so nice to have her around. My dad came back on Thursday and they both left to go back to Marshfield on Friday. Here are a couple photos from their stay.

Friday evening Teirney's parents and sister came to spend the holiday weekend with us. We had a nice time together. The weather was beautiful so we spent a lot of time walking outside.

On Saturday we did a little shopping and that night Teirney and I went to Dave Scottberg's graduation party while Denny, Linda, and Tiara stayed with Kaydence. It was the first time we were away from her for more than an hour or so. They told us she did great and went to bed perfectly. Good job, Kaydence!

Sunday we went to church and then walked down to Veterans Park for the Kite Festival. It was a perfect day to fly kites because it was sunny and warm, but very windy. We didn't actually fly a kite, but it was fun to watch all the different kites floating through the air. Of course, Kaydence slept in the stroller through the whole thing. I'm sure she'll probably enjoy it more next year.

Today we walked to Alterra for breakfast and then took another walk past the water tower toward the lighthouse at Lake Park. We then had lunch at Fratellos by the river. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

We have another busy week this week. We have another playdate on Wednesday for lunch and then my sister, Josie, will be coming later that day and will be staying until Friday. We close on our house on Friday and we hope to start moving some things over this weekend. We won't officially move until the following weekend (June 6). It's going to be a crazy couple weeks, but it will be nice to get into our house -- we're looking forward to it.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend like we did.

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