3 Months

Our little girl is already 3 months old! It's really hard to believe. It seems like I can tell she has grown overnight every morning when I get her out of her crib. We are discovering that she is a very serious baby -- as these picture prove. She always looks like she is trying to figure everything out. Her inquisitive looks are really very cute -- we just hope she's not too serious. :-)

She reaches for toys now, and she just rolled over 3 times today for the first time since the video we took of her at 10 weeks. We didn't have much time to work on it in the last month because we were constantly on the go with moving, but the last couple days I've been able to give her more tummy time. She can lift her head pretty high when she is on her tummy and is even trying to lift her head when she is lying flat on her back. She even tried rolling from back to tummy today, but didn't quite get it yet -- I'm sure that will be soon.

She is growing leaps and bounds and in some ways it makes me a little sad. She is officially wearing her 0-3 months clothes now -- I actually need to pack her newborn clothes away. ::sniff, sniff:: She is so much fun though and we love to see what expression she'll give us next.

We're all moved into our house, but have lots of unpacking to do (I feel as though it will take me forever to unpack).

Short post for not posting in so long, but that's what has been going on in a nutshell. Now I must go feed my munchkin.

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