8 weeks and lots of smiles...

Kaydence turned 8 weeks yesterday and has been sporting lots of smiles for us. It melts my heart. She has been so happy this past week and she hasn't fussed much after I feed her, which has been so wonderful. When I feed her in the morning she is really happy and gives us lots of smiles, which has been so fun. I've been off dairy now for about 4 weeks or so. It's hard to tell if it's helping or if her digestive system is just starting to mature. I guess we will find out because I accidentally ordered a hot chocolate at Alterra today completely forgetting my dairy ban.

We had a great day today. It was sunny and beautiful here and we got to spend lots of time with daddy. We didn't go to church this morning because Kaydence had a diaper explosion just before we left, which required changing her outfit and then a few minutes later she had another one, so we would've been late. We decided to go have brunch in the Third Ward. We ate outside at Palms and I finally got to order my eggs benedict that I've been dying to have for the past 9 months. Then, we took Kaydence up to see daddy's office (mostly because he had to do a little work). We hung out there for a couple hours and then walked around the Third Ward and ate at the Milwaukee Public Market. Then we took a stroll down to Alterra and the lake. We were gone the entire day, but it was so fun to be out and about in the beautiful sunshine.

This past week Kaydence got to meet her two friends, Lily (5 months) and Sophia (4 months). It was so fun to see the girls together. I posted some pictures below. It was hard to get them all to look at the camera at the same time, but at least we got some pictures.

Well, it's bath night so I gotta run.

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