2 Months!

Kaydence is 2 months old today!!! She was so excited and gave us some big smiles to show us what a big girl she is. Not to mention, she slept 8 hours last night! We are so proud of her (and we hope it lasts)!

I just love her so much -- I can't stop smiling at the above photos. She has been so happy this week -- maybe because her Grandmom is here. It's so cute to see her respond to us. She studies everything. We went to my brother's house on Monday night and she knew she was in a different place because she was looking all around, studying and trying to figure everything out, it was so cute. She is growing and changing so fast -- I almost want her to slow down a little in some ways, but it is fun to see her doing new tricks everyday.

As I mentioned, my mom is here this week. It has been so nice to have her around. She has been helping me with Kaydence while I attempt to pack. Yes, we're moving! We're buying a house in Wauwatosa and closing on May 29. I think we average a move a year now...pretty sad. Well, we should be in this house for awhile (although, I think I said that the last time). We're excited about the house -- it has plenty of room and a nice big back yard.

Kaydence has her 2 month appointment on Monday and will be getting her shots...so sad. :-( I'm excited to see how much she has grown though. I'll post again after her appointment.

Here are some pictures from this week.

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amy said...

i love the one of her looking up at you, leah. nothing beats those moments when your baby is staring back at you like that.