I have been looking everywhere (and I mean countless hours...literally) for bedding that has gray, chocolate brown, and pink (or green), and I didn't want anything too babyish. Yes, I had lots of criteria, and yes, I'm picky. Believe me, I completely frustrated myself that I knew what I wanted in my head before I had seen it. I actually found this bedding when I found the boy bedding that I posted a picture of awhile ago, but when I showed it to Teirney, he wasn't crazy about it. After being frustrated with not being able to find anything else that I loved, I went ahead and ordered fabric swatches of it. I got the swatches yesterday and I made up my mind instantly that this was it, and I was crossing my fingers that Teirney would think the same after seeing the fabric in real life. Thankfully he put my search to an end when he said "I like it." Yay!!!

It is even prettier in person. The white is somewhat creamy and the gray and pink leaves are actually velvet...I absolutely adore it! I have been wanting to paint the walls a grayish color and we are getting an espresso colored crib, so all the colors should blend nicely.

I just found out today that the crib we were going to order is out of stock and they don't know if they'll be getting anymore in. I was very disappointed, but I'm hoping for the best. It is currently on sale at JCPenney and has free shipping, so I'm sure that is why they are out of stock. I'm just hoping they'll be getting some more in soon. There is a picture of it below, however, the crib in the picture is in cherry finish, ours will be espresso (if they ever get anymore in).


Tiara Christenson said...

I love it!!

marah said...

Adorable, leah. Now come help me pick out bedding! The old mismatched college colors just aren't doing it for me anymore.

You are a superstar when it comes to these details. Your daughter is going to be very well dressed and coordinated.


Natalie M said...

ooh! Order it anyway! That's the same one I got (but mine was white) and it was supposed to be backordered for months and came in less than three weeks. I was shocked and happy. LOVE that Tori crib. It's beautiful, and super sturdy.

Leah said...

I wish I could, but they completely took it off online already and when I called yesterday I asked if I could place an order in case it comes in and she said no, because they don't know if it ever will. I'm hoping that since it's such a popular crib (and I think its been around for awhile) that maybe they will get more in. Here's to hoping. ;-)