Crib and Combo

We ordered Bebita's crib and combo (dresser/changing table) on Saturday...and I love it!!! Since the crib and combo we were going to order are both out of stock, and JCPenney gave no promises of restocking, I was on the hunt this weekend for alternative options. Instead of resuming my search online, I decided I wanted to actually look at some cribs in person. I had already looked at Babies-R-Us, but I hadn't checked out USA Baby yet. So Saturday, Teirney and I made the excursion to USA Baby and found a crib and combo that we both loved. I'm really excited about it because they're both Munire' (a really great brand in the baby furniture world) and got an "A" rating in Baby Bargains, which is much better than the "C-" rating that JCPenney got (which was mainly due to customer service -- the actual crib we were going to order got really good reviews online).

We got a really good deal on them because they were both on sale, so I'm really happy with the way things turned out in the end. In addition, they will deliver and set it up for us, which was a huge relief to Teirney. He was dreading picking up the heavy furniture from the store, hauling it to our apartment, up the stairs, and then putting it all together (most of the other places, JCPenney included, make you pick up the furniture at the store and put it together yourself). This is a lifetime convertible crib, so we can use it as a toddler bed and as a full sized bed as Bebita gets older -- or we may decide to just use it as a crib for the next baby, either way, we have options. There is a picture of the crib and combo below (however, we did not order the hutch that is on top of the combo).

They won't be delivered until January, which gives us plenty of time to clean out the nursery and paint. We'll pretty much have walking room only in our nursery since that room is so small, but oh well, what else are we going to do? The convenient thing is that I will be able to stand in one spot to take the baby out of the crib and then turn to change her on the combo -- I'll barely need to move...literally. ;-) The more I think about moving into a house, the more I wish we could do it before the baby comes, but I know that won't be possible since our Lease isn't up until February anyway. Oh well, we'll just have to figure it out. That's a whole other subject.

Today we met up with some of Teirney's law school friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Packer game (which we won't talk about the game). While there, I had this really sharp pain a couple inches to the right of my belly button. It felt like it was on the outside of my skin, not inside. It felt like a needle was being poked into my skin and the pain would fluctuate based on my movements. It was the strangest thing and very uncomfortable...and painful really. I was wearing maternity pants that covered my belly, so at first I thought maybe that was it. But it kept happening even after I pulled the panel down. It lasted the entire game, but went away when we left. I was worried of course, but at least I had been feeling Bebita moving quite a bit all day today, so that gave me some reassurance. It's a mystery what that pain was, but I just hope I never get it back again. We'll see if it happens while watching another Packer game where they're playing bad, then I'll just know it's related to that. :-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I need to go take my sweet hubby to bed (who has been sleeping on the couch for a couple hours now already).

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