"Young" Love

I realized today that I never posted these photos that I took of my baby sister and her fiance' to my blog yet.  The were taken the weekend before their wedding.  They are officially husband and wife now.  I'm pretty sure most of my readers have seen these on Facebook already, but in case there are others who follow me that I'm not Facebook friends with, I present you with, "Young" love!


IMG_7441_wm IMG_7445_wm


IMG_7238_wm IMG_7315_wm


IMG_7449_wm IMG_7454_wm




IMG_7338_wm IMG_7345_wm

IMG_7292_wm IMG_7279_wm


Melissa said...

What a sweet and beautiful couple!

aqua_love said...

i said this before, but these are just beautiful! i absolutely love the first one! great job!!

Leah said...

thanks ladies! :-)

Jen said...

I just love these! They never get old!

josie mae said...

Thank you for posting these Leah! I love these photos so much and it is so special to me that you took them for us! You are amazing!

Tricia said...

Love, love, love the peeking out from behind his shoulder one. LOVE. Well, I love them all but that one was pure awesome.