I Got to Be a Guest Blogger Today!!!

Last week, a friend of mine, Tricia over at {every}nothing wonderful asked if I would be a guest blogger for her today. I felt so honored she would ask me. Her theme this week is weddings, so she gave me a chance to blather away about all the wedding showers I've put on recently, specifically my sisters. Please go check out her lovely blog here and please leave her a nice comment (since we all love comments, right?). ;-)

You can check out my guest blog post for her here. All I have to say is she made me blush for sure...she is far too kind! I <3 you, Tricia! Thank you!  xoxo

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Tricia said...

Thank you, again, for the lovely post! Sorry it took me so long to comment - for some reason blogger/google hate me and won't let me comment on anything! I keep trying to no avail. Sigh. Maybe my husband is right about a new computer. Don't tell him I said that LOL