Friends, Food, Fotos

Last week, Cassandra, Alexander, Kaydence, and I took a little road trip to visit some friends of ours, Tricia and Audrey of {every}somethingwonderful.  It was a wonderful day.  If you follow Tricia's blog, you know that you can expect to be fed very well whenever you visit, which is precisely what happened.  We were greeted at the door not only by the lovely Tricia, but also by the intoxicating aroma of a freshly baked homemade pizza.  She sure knows how to win a girl's heart.  My love for pizza can only be more intensified by one word...homemade! was truly divine.  And I'd be lying if I said I was satisfied with just one piece.  I apologize, Tricia, but truthfully and honestly, even though I said I was fine with just one piece, I could have eaten the entire pizza.  Again, if you follow Tricia's blog, you know that "homemade" pizza means, homemade crust, homemade sauce, and I wouldn't be shocked if she even made her own cheese. :-)  It was truly divine.  Little Audrey took a nice long nap while the other two made themselves at home and got well acquainted with Audrey's toys.  Later, we explored their lovely neighborhood, complete with a gazebo, a prairie, a playground, and a beach, which were all breathtaking to say the least. 

I didn't get many photos of Kaydence and Alexander because I was having so much fun watching Audrey as she explored a berry tree (which I was careful to make sure no berries were ingested).  What a fun day and I know we all look forward to doing it again.















Ashley Sisk said...

WOW inspire me. These shots are so beautiful. I want to be you when I grow up. But seriously...seriously. And that second shot is my favorite.

Mrs.F said...

These are amazing! I love the coloring of the first few. Are these all taken just using your 50mm?

Tricia said...

I do love the holding hands. Man oh man that gets my heart every.single.time.

Oh Audrey...she has plucked every tomato she can get her hands on, every big on my chamomile, all our berries, etc. She is a collector I suppose.

I'm loving the new little {word choices} next to the photos. Reminds me a bit of Habit ( which I love, love, love.

And for the record I don't make cheese. Yet. I have a cheese making kit but I haven't. Yet. I am growing mushrooms starting tonight though...LOL


Leah said...

ashley -- oh my are too, too sweet to me! that means a lot, thank you! but girl, you blow me away with your editing skillz...i wanna be like you when i grow up. ;-)

mrs.f -- thank you so much! :-) yes, they were all taken with my 50mm.

tricia -- of course you have a cheese making kit...and of course you're growing your own mushrooms. lol

Kathy said...

You are so so incredible. Will you take family portraits for me please :)

Leah said...

awww...kathy, you're so sweet! i would love to take some family photos for you. ;-) wish we lived closer because i would ask the same of you. love your work! ;)

Nicole said...

I really love how natural all of your shots are. They aren't "sit the kids down in front of the perfect spot" type of photos. I need to work on that. I try to sit my girls down and that doesn't work out. Your photos are amazingly beautiful! Very nice.