Sunkissed and Textures

It has been a very busy summer for us, but this week has been somewhat layed back, which has been nice for a change.  We were able to get out to the park a couple times this week after dinner, which hasn't happened in awhile, so that has been fun. 

It seems like everyday Kaydence does something new and I wonder "when did he learn how to do that."  Lately, she has been very good about bringing things to me when I ask.  Well, let me clarify, only if it isn't something she already has in her hands that she doesn't want to relinquish.  For instance, I was standing on a chair to get something down that was up high in the cupboard and something dropped and fell.  I asked her if she could pick it up for me and she did and handed it to me.  I know that sounds really basic and maybe somewhat silly to get excited about -- I'm sure some kids have done that much earlier than Kaydence -- but it still warms my heart to know she understands.  On the downside, now I know that when she doesn't bring something to me it's because she is being naughty and not that she doesn't understand. ;-)

Here are some storyboards from this past week.  Enjoy! :-) And in case you're wondering, a lot of the sunkissed ones, I barely touched in PSE. Gotta love hazy sunflare. :-)

Sunkissed Cutie I_wm

Sunkissed Cutie II_wm

Sunkissed Cutie III_wm

Hoyt Park_wm


Kathy said...

How did I not have you in my Reader sooner?! I LOVE these. You're insanely talented!

Leah said... are so sweet to me! thank you so much kathy! :-)

Mrs.F said...

Beautiful photos! And I'm sorry... I've probably asked you this before, but how did you create your watermark? I recently found that a site has been stealing Gianna's pics using them as "rolaplay" & it's creepy. They have finally removed them, but now I feel like I need a watermark!

Mrs.F said...

That was supposed to say "roleplay"