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I was looking back at my previous posts and realized I never blogged about this photo shoot. I think I was trying to play "catch up" awhile back and thought I had blogged about it when, in fact, I had only uploaded them to Facebook.

So I apologize for the extremely late post, but here are some photos I took of my friend, Haley, and her beautiful family back in May ::hangs head in shame::. We were going to do a photo swap (because she is an amazing photographer herself), but I'm not sure if we'll be able to have ours taken now because she now has a newborn baby boy (absolutely gorgeous by the way) and they are moving to another state at the end of August, which I'm very sad about. :-(

If you would like to check out Haley's blog and her beautiful little boy, please do so here.

Grant Park Collage I_wm

Grant Park Collage 2_wm

Grant Park Collage 3_wm

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