Some Recent Photos

Here are some recent photos that I thought I'd share.  KK is becoming more of a little girl everyday.  She is getting quite the personality.  

Today I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach and she said, "yeah."  Really?!?!  When did you start saying "yeah" KK (lol)?  Today apparently. :-)    







Lolo said...

These are precious, and your lo is absolutely adorable!

Leah said...

awww...thank you so much!

Amy F.W. said...

Just SO cute, again...that outfit is to die for! =D She's so stylin'!

Jennifer said...

I love your editing style! And your daughter is precious.

Leah said...

thank you so much ladies! :-)

Mrs.F said...

Another dumb question- How do you make your watermarks? I've just been notified that this weird "role playing" site has stollen MANY pictures of my Gigi & is posting them on their site all over the place! I need to get on the watermarking like ASAP.

Leah said...

Mrs.F -- i'm so sorry to hear that about Gigi's photos! it didn't happen to be Polyvore, did it? the same thing happened to me. someone on Polyvore was doing role playing with pictures of was so sad. but i just filled out the copyright infringement form on their website and they took the photos down by the next day. well, whatever site it is, i hope you get it worked out quickly. oh and i had watermarks on some of mine too.

but to answer your question, i just use brushes in PSE. here is a great tutorial on how to create your own.

but to be honest with you, a photoshop savvy friend of mine created mine for me. i told her what i wanted it to look like and she made one for me, so i honestly haven't done it myself. but from what i hear, it isn't too hard. good luck...let me know if you have any questions. ;-)