I got crafty...

I have a couple newborn shoots (for friends) that I'm doing in the next couple weeks, so I got up some motivation to make some newborn headbands.  I've had some ideas floating around in my head for awhile now, but I'm the type of person who finds it easy to envision something, but difficult to pull it off.  So this is a *version* of the headband I had envisioned, but this was my first try.  I have plans to get my craft on tomorrow as well and see if I can create that perfect masterpiece I've been picturing. lol

I really like the way this turned out, except I think it is too big for a newborn.  I tried it on KK today and it looks cute on her, but I think a newborn might drowned in it. lol

But what are your thoughts???  Likey, or no likey???



Shannon said...

Omygosh that is so awesome Leah!! You blow me away. Love how you made the flower and the buttons are so unique! Keep this up. You could start a second business ;-)

josie mae said...

likey! likey!! I LOVE how this turned out Leah! I love the jewelry box looking thing behind it too...where did you get that? Super cute and vintage! It definitely "looks like you"... ;) Great job!! Love it!