More Headbands

I made more headbands the other day.  I'll probably make some more too since I still have a ton of material.   The fabric I used is mostly repurposed.  One was a vintage (real vintage) pillow case, one was an old handkerchief (that was never used), and one was made out of a pair of pants (chords). I have another headband made that is the same as the medallion headband (the middle photo), but it's made in a different fabric (the same fabric as the flower I posted the other day (below).

I had so much fun making these, so I think I will keep making them. :-)



MrsA.Woods said...

You should really start selling these. I'd be first in line! They're so unique and pretty!

Mrs.F said...

Please let me know if you are selling these! You know I'm the queen of hair accessories LOL... and I need one of these for Gianna :)

josie mae said...

I love them all so much! The photos themselves I love almost as much too! haha. I also love your props and I really want to know where you got them... :) Great job le - I need to buy one to save for my future child someday! :)

Leah said...

thank you so much ladies! if there is enough interest, maybe i would sell them. :-)

MacKenzie said...

i am with the other ladies, you should sell them. they are so unique. i would definitely purchase one...two...ok probably more. i know a few others that would probably be interested too.

Happiness is Eva said...

Oh I love these!!! Please tell me that you are planning on selling some!

My little 11 month old daughter has a ton of hair and I would love her to wear one of these : )

- Amber

Leah said...

thank you so much ladies! :-)

amber, yes, i plan on opening an etsy store, but i need to get caught up on some other things first. but please stay tuned for the announcement. :-)