Family Nap-time

Kaydence is teething (or so it seems since she had her hands in her mouth non-stop today) and she always seems to have a hard time going down for her naps when she is teething...not sure why, since she goes down fine at night. But today was especially hard. She wanted me to cuddle her before her nap, so I did and she fell asleep on me, but the minute I tried to stand up to put her in her crib, she clung to me (almost like a death grip...she was shaking) and said "cuddle mama...cuddle mama" over and over. I tried putting her down, but she just screamed, so I couldn't do it. So instead, we decided we would just have a family nap today in our room. Teirney and Kaydence fell asleep before I did, so I slipped out to grab my camera and captured the photo below. She has always been a beautiful sleeper...of course I'm bias. :-) I love her!

The rest of the photos are just various captures from the weekend. As you can see, she spent most of the weekend in her jammies since we didn't do a whole lot this weekend.


Now the next photos need a little explaining. I follow a blog of an amazing photographer (Kerianne Brown Photography) who is doing a 365 project of her son. Well, along side of her 365 project, she posts a video montage of her gorgeous son, Will, every weekend that her and her husband collaborate on. If you you have a minute, you need to check out her incredible blog and at least watch a couple (if not all) of the videos. They are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking -- I am always speechless after watching one and wish I had the talent/skill to do something like that. I watch with awe every week at what a beautiful gift she is giving her son by doing this. Not to mention, he is the sweetest, happiest, and gorgeous little boy ever!

So every weekend Kaydence and I look forward to watching the video together -- she is in love with "Baby Weel" (as she calls him) and it's so fun to see her get so excited about watching the video. She is so enamored by him and loves these videos, so it's something fun we look forward to. Saturday afternoon I looked to see if there was a new video yet, but there wasn't. So I just let her watch a couple of the old ones. Please don't mind her hair and jammies (lol). The following photos are just of her watching "baby Weel." :-) I don't know what we'll do when she stops doing the videos (haha).



Susan said...

I've been following your blog for a while. My daughter is about the same age as yours. Your photos are always so great! The colour and sharpness are amazing. And your daughter is ADORABLE!

Jen said...

Love the ones of her watching the video! How cute!

thatgirlblogs said...

I just love the way her eyes are in these photos. makes me want a baby, but that door has closed! She's precious, no other word for it.

Leah said...

thank you so much ladies! :)

Tracy said...

I have been following you for a while and love your work!! Amazing. Do you have a favorite set of actions? You had mentioned Eye Candy??

Leah said...

hi sorry its taken me so long to get back you. :-( thank you so much for your kind words...and thank you for following too! :-)

i do use Eye Candy, but my favorite actions and the ones I use almost exclusively are, love, love them! they fit my style perfectly. :-) thanks again for hanging out here.

Katie said...

What a cutie! I love her expressions and your pictures.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh, that laptop series is just too much! I LOVE it. What a little sweetie pea. Your light is just gorgeous.