{treasure beyond measure}

This is the last family from my Madison photo shoots. And this family has a special place in my heart. I was Hannah's assistant at the firm I worked at in Madison before we moved. We clicked immediately and became fast friends (5 years ago now...can you believe that, Hannah?).

I'll never forget on my first day of work, Hannah took me out to go grab a cup of coffee at one of my husband's and my favorite coffee shops...I knew we were kindred spirits right then and there. ;-) How many attorneys take the time to do that with their assistants? Come to think of it, I was blessed because I had 3 attorneys I worked for who would take the time to do that with me frequently (I was spoiled for sure).

Wow, there are so many memories I could sit here and reminisce about...the laughter, the tears, the funny and not so funny. But one thing is for sure, this woman has the biggest heart in the entire world. She is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She never ceases to amaze me with her kindness, and her genuine passion for life is contagious. I can never figure out how she does it all...she pours herself into everything she touches and still has more to give...she is completely selfless and absolutely amazing.

And her beautiful daughter, Makeda, is a reflection of all that her mama is and is equally as beautiful inside and out. I can't tell you how honored I feel to be able to call them my friends. And by now I'm sure I've made her blush (hehe), but she deserves all the admiration I can give and I know I don't tell her enough how much her friendship has meant to me over the years, even though we certainly don't get to spend much time together anymore. Hannah, you are like a sister to me and I love you...you are a treasure beyond measure! :-)



daddy-beamingheart said...

Leah, these are beautiful pictures! I loved your opening comments...you could tell they were so sincere and from your heart. You also name your sessions so appropriately. You're the BEST! Your Daddy

Joni said...

Leah - what a beautiful tribute in word and in pictures to this beautiful family that you "treasure beyond measure!" Love it!

Erin Tole said...

Lovely...what an adorable little girl...

Leah said...

mom and dad, you are so cute! love you both!

and thank you, erin! :-)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

OMG...the first 2 pictures of the girl are incredible! She is absolutely beautiful! Great pictures!!