{Sunny Sunday Giggles}

This is a continuation of my Madison photo shoots I did for friends.

These kids belong to one of the attorney's I worked for in Madison when we lived there.  We have kept in touch since I've left and it was great to catch up with her and her adorable kids again.  Her little boy is only a couple weeks older than Kaydence.  I'll never forget the day I told her I was pregnant and she said "me too."  Unfortunately, we were already living miles a part by that time, but I have been privileged to see them on several occasions since.  These kids were so fun and full of life and completely gorgeous, as you'll clearly see by the photos.  


And a bonus one. lol Lets just say, the kids were pretty much done with photos by this point. ;-) They did really well though. :-)



Anonymous said...

What kind of processing did you do and did you use a reflector?

josie mae said...

These are simply phenomenal! The kids are gorgeous and your photography and editing is so perfect! I can't believe those big blue eyes...ugh...love them! You keep whipping these out so fast! I can't believe how much work you've done, you're a busy lady! :) Love you!

Leah said...

thank you!

Anonymous, I used some actions and tweaked them to my liking. No, I didn't use a reflector, but I probably should have because I did need to use some fill light in post.

Kate said...

I love the deep, rich colors in these! Great focus too.

Grandad said...

Leah, you catch the depth of their heart in their eyes. What a gift! Keep using it. I,m proud of you!

Tricia said...

Too cute! TOO CUTE!