Kaydence's First Bath

Kaydence's umbilical cord finally fell off the other day. Well, it had fallen off a week or so ago, but there was still a piece hanging on when we went to our last doctor appointment so the pediatrician pulled it off and it was bleeding a little. We had to wait until that dried up before we could give her a bath. We were finally able to give her a bath two nights ago. I was a little nervous wondering how she would do, but she LOVED it! She was even cooing -- it was so sweet! My sister, Jackie, was here and helped me hold her up in the bath. It's definitely a two person job -- daddy was too busy videotaping. We're going to give her another bath tonight.

Here is a the video of the momentous occasion. Enjoy! :-)


Joni said...

This was adorable! It was the next best thing to being there! We loved it! Grandmom & Grandad

Grandma C said...

Leah I think she likes baths as much as Mommie and Grandma. Thanks for sending the special moment our way. Teirney always slept best after a bath. Huggs! Grandma C

Alicia Smith Osland said...