A few firsts...

As sad as it was, we had Kaydence start sleeping in her crib two nights ago. We have had her in our room in the pack-n-play since we brought her home. But I haven't been able to get much sleep with her in there because she is such a noisy sleeper. I started putting her down for a couple naps during the day in her crib to see how it went and it seemed to work out well, so we went for it and moved her to the nursery. I still don't sleep great because I hear her through the monitor, but it is a little better. She still sleeps a lot during the day, but we've managed to get her to sleep 5 hours through the night. Although, last night she woke up after 3 hours. I'm hoping tonight we'll get a 5 hour stretch again.

Our pediatrician suggested introducing a bottle sooner than later, so we did last night. She obviously had no problem adjusting because she sucked the whole thing down in 5 minutes. The plan is to give her one bottle a day and Teirney will give it to her in the evening. She had another bottle tonight and did just great. It's nice to know she will take one if needed.

Kaydence loves to suck her paci, but the other day she got a hold of her two fingers and it was just too cute. She hasn't been able to find them since, but I would be happy if she did because she keeps on losing her paci and insists on having it be put back in (even in the middle of the night).

I took Kaydence to the chiropractor today. She said she was very tense and wants her to come back on Monday. She didn't like it very much and has been fussy all day today (the most she has ever been). I told the chiropractor that she doesn't cry very often and she said "well, don't be surprised if she cries more now after being adjusted." I was thinking "great, I wouldn't have taken her to be adjusted then." No, not really, but she has been much more uncomfortable today than she is usually and I don't like to see her that way. I'm hoping it is short lived.
My darling little one is needing me, so I must go.

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