Wall Tree

Yesterday, Teirney and I spent the majority of the day in the nursery putting up the closet organizers, the wall decal, and the chandelier. Here is a teaser.

The crib will go on the right side of the tree. The room is very tiny so we don't have much wall space to work with, but we are trying to make the most of it. The crib will cover most of the tree trunk, which makes me wish I would have put the tree up a little higher, but it's too late now -- it will have to do. The furniture will be delivered tomorrow afternoon -- I can hardly wait. I will post pics of the completed nursery once everything is in there. Oh yeah, and I got the bedding on Thursday! Woohoo!


Alicia Smith Osland said...

did the furniture arrive? Do you love it? Hope you are happy!

Leah said...

Yep, it's here! I absolutely love it! It's all coming together the way I had it pictured in my head, which makes me very happy! ;-) I'll post pics once I put everything together.