Donuts and Indian Food

After having some good days early on this week, yesterday and today I'm feeling somewhat miserable. Got sick this morning, but shortly thereafter requested donuts for breakfast. Aside from the occasional "I have to have an Icee," it is a rare occasion when things sound good these days, so Teirney was happy to oblige. I have such a wonderful husband! He was pleasantly surprised the other day when I told him I would like Indian food for dinner. That doesn't happen too often, so he quickly ordered take out before I changed my mind.

An attorney I worked with at Foley just had a baby and e-mailed me links to some message boards she found helpful. One of them is the Bump, which is a branch of the Knot and the Nest. The Bump has message boards by trimester so you can easily connect with women going through some of the same things you are. It has been comforting to hear women voicing the same things I've been feeling. For instance, yesterday at lunch time, someone who is about as far along as I am posted a note about "Lunch" saying nothing sounded good to her and she had no clue what to eat. Other women replied with the same frustration and then said what they ate for lunch. Funny thing was, 3 of them had the same thing for lunch that I did, mac-n-cheese and a grilled cheese sandwich. It's just nice knowing other women are in the same boat.

I will be going to Marshfield tomorrow and spending the week with my parents, so I'm looking forward to some yummy home cooked food. Its been hard for me to be in the kitchen and cook these days. The smells in the kitchen alone make me sick.

I love today! Teirney is home, there is a cool breeze coming through the windows, and we are both laying on the couch watching the Badger football game. One of my favorite fall-ish things to do. Hopefully the Badgers start playing better than they have been this first quarter and that will make the day even better.

Teirney is playing piano with Dave Scottberg's band, Element 13, at Mikey's tonight. It's going to be a late night, so I think we'll both need to take naps today.


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