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Kaydence had her very first soccer practice last week. She was so excited about it. She has two other friends doing it too and they are like a little posse together. Whatever one of them does, they all do. Typical three year olds I guess. :-) On the first night, we were watching on the opposite side of the field, so whenever the coaches would tell the kids to go take a water break, the kids would get confused as to where we were (haha).  And then, when they went back, they could never find their team and would end up in some other (older) team also on the field.  It was so funny.  And whenever one of the kids would run back to us, they would all follow (whether it was a water break or not).  It was so comical.  But practice this week went a little better and they all stayed by the coaches, unless it was a water break.

They don't actually play any soccer games or anything. They just meet every Monday and learn practical soccer moves by the use of fun games that they would understand, like red light/green light, and Mrs. Fox, etc.  Kaydence really loves it and looks forward to it every week.

Here are a few photos. 

IMG_3144  IMG_3145
And of course, she loves her friend, Alexander, as you can see.


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cutiebelles said...

Papa loves the shoes. Gammy likes the hugs! Is that part of soccer? I never knew that before.