Playdates Galore

Last week, we had tons of playdates.  It was a busy, but fun, week.  It's only going to get busier since my baby sister is getting married in a week.  It's hard to believe the day is almost here.  We're all very excited!  I leave on Friday to head up to Eau Claire for the backelorette party and then I'll stay with my parents until the wedding.  After that, we're going on a little mini vacation to Door County.  So my posting may suffer due to the craziness.  But for now, I leave you with some storyboards of the the playdates from last week.

hoyt park 1_border_wm

hoyt park 2_border_wm

Delafield 1_wm

Delafield 2_wm

Delafield 3_wm

Delafield 5_wm


Samantha said...

These collages are fantastic. How did you create them?

You have such a great editing style. I really envy the way you get her eyes to look that great!

Mrs.F said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are to die for. Seriously... beautiful!