Bitty Bows Boutique

The clips featured in these photos can be found at Bitty Bows Boutique. They are beautifully handmade clips. And, as you can see, they work on the finest of hair. If you have a "baldie" in your life, these are a must have! Some of these photos may be featured on the Bitty Bows Boutique website. Please go to to check out all the fabulous hair accessories for your little ones.

These clips really are the best...they don't fall out!  I've even had to pull shirts over her head with a clip in and it didn't fall out!  That is amazing, especially with her rubber ducky head of hair.  They're a truly amazing invention and sooo cute too!  There are lots of designs that you'll be sure to love...go check them out.

You may be seeing a lot more Bitty Bows Boutique posts from me since I have lots of adorable bows and clips to take photos of. :-)


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a good experience with them, but I found their website through Heidi Foreste's blog and ordered a few clippies and have found the quality severly lacking. When I contacted them regarding my unsatisfactory purchase their customer service was also lacking. I have had better luck with other "bow"tiques through Etsy. Just fair warning to anyone else who might want to try them out. On a side note, I love your blog and check regularly so keep up the fabulous job!

MrsXoxo1598 said...

^ what a tactful difference of opinion, that's great! i love these bows and can't wait to try them myself when i get blessed with a beautiful baby girl in the future. how disappointing for the anon. above to have a different experience, esp since these bows are so cute.

thanks for the review.

Leah said...

anonymous -- i'm so sorry you didn't have a positive experience with BBB. i'm so surprised to hear that you felt their "customer service was lacking" because i have had numerous email contact with the owner of BBB and she is very sweet. i haven't gotten the impression that anyone would ever have an issue with regard to their customer service. regardless, i'm so sorry for your experience, as i'm sure she would be if she saw these comments. i'm glad you have found some clips that have met your expectations.

and thank you for your sweet words and for being a faithful follower. :-)

Bitty Bows Boutique said...
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Bitty Bows Boutique said...

Yes, it is actually sad for me to see the above comment, because since I never was actually contacted about a lack of quality from a single order through Heidi Foreste's blog, I had no way to fix any problem, which I always go above and beyond to do. I receive all customer service emails, and none were received. Anonymous, I would be greatly appreciative if you would contact us if you have a problem with your order. My company takes great pride in unbeatable quality, superior selection, and great customer service. : )

Mrs.F said...

Anonymous- VERY strange you weren't happy with the quality or customer service. I am picky PICKY when it comes to hair accessories (as any faithful follower of mine would know) & BBB is my FAVORITE online "bow" tique for my daughter. I've found the quality to be fabulous as well as the customer service!

And I've never seen that red butterfly clippy before... I need one for Gianna!