Cracking Up

Kaydence started this new hilarious laugh last weekend.  Friday night, Teirney's brother was in town and we were all sitting around the dinner table and Kaydence was cracking herself up.  She has developed this particular laugh even more so since then and its now become guttural.  It's hilarious!  She'll be walking around and if she is happy or pleased about something she'll just do this guttural laugh.  I love this girl more and more everyday. 

Please ignore my weird laugh at the beginning...I was just trying to imitate her to get her to do it for the camera.  She had been talking and laughing for a good 10 minutes before I got the camera out and then of course she stopped, but she got going again. :-)

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Mrs.F said...

OMG I just had to show this to my husband & we were both cracking up! She is too hilarious!