Solids Strike

Kaydence is on a solids strike right now. She'll take about 3 bites of whatever we give her and then she refuses to eat anymore. Since she's such a little peanut, I feel like I need to try and get something in that little tummy of hers, so some days she gets a mini-baby buffet. I don't want to create a picky eater by just giving her things she likes all the time, so some days I just have to try a variety of things to get her to eat *something*. There is a picture below of what the table looked like after lunch today. Quite funny actually. 

I've been having fun working on my photography lately. There is lots to learn, but I find it enjoyable. So right now I'm trying to "focus" (no pun intended) on trying to get a correct exposure in the camera instead of correcting it photoshop. So here are a few of my practice shots -- these are all SOOC (straight out of camera), no editing.  A couple of them are still a little underexposed, but since these are just snapshots and not meant to be portraits, I'm not going to over analyze and pick them a part like I ordinarily would.  :-)


Angepeets said...

Your pics look great! What type of SLR do you have?

We just tried solids with Chloe for the first time yesterday and it was such a fail!

Leah said...

thanks! it's a canon rebel xsi. yeah, it took a bit for kaydence to get used to the solids too. she was doing great for awhile and then she went on strike. ;-) i hope it's not for long.

Jodi said...

Maybe she's holding out for Christmas goodies like eggnog or Christmas cookies. :)