Happy [Half] Birthday!!!

Our Bebita is growing up! She is 6 months old -- half way to one year old (now that is scary). I cannot believe how fast these last six months have gone. It's bitter sweet (::sniff, sniff::). I'm working on a video montage of her first six months, which I will post as soon as it's completed.

Kaydence had her 6 month appointment yesterday and she did so well. She took her shots like a big girl and the pediatrician even pierced her ears for her yesterday. She cried immediately following, but settled down very quickly then fell asleep in the car on the way home. She was such a trooper. When we got home, she was so happy -- smiling from ear to ear, jumping up and down, and squealing all while looking at herself in the mirror (I think she likes her earrings). I know ear piercing for babies is very controversial subject, but ever since I was young I always thought if I had a girl I would get her ears pierced at a young age. Both my sisters pierced their girls' ears while they were young and I thought it was darling on them. And I figured it would be better to do it now, while she doesn't know they're there, than it would be to do it when she's a toddler. So I realize I may get some evil glares from people from time to time, but I'm happy with our decision.

She is still such a little peanut. She weighs 13 lbs, 10 oz (10%), she is 26 1/4 inches long (75%), and her head is 41 1/4 cm (25%). But she is overall healthy and the pediatrician was pleased with her growth.

Kaydence is officially sitting up on her own. She can also pull herself up into a standing position while sitting on my knee on the floor (while holding on to something of course). I don't feel any teeth yet, but she continues to drools like crazy. She doesn't have much interest in crawling yet. She seems to think she can get what she wants by rolling to it and will sometimes get frustrated when she can't get it, but makes no attempt to belly scoot. She does, however, walk on her own when you hold her hands. And considering Teirney was walking at 7 months and skipped crawling, that could be the path she decides to take. She is such a good baby and rarely cries...we hear some complaining from time to time (which we will need to work on as she gets older), but other than that she is very contented most of the time.

Kaydence is starting to reach for people now...it's so cute. Along with that though has come some separation anxiety. We had a couple nights where she would wake up in the middle of the night because she lost her paci, so we would go in and give it to her, but the minute we closed the door she would scream. This went on for several hours (and continued after I fed, changed, and burped her) until I finally realized she was probably experiencing some separation anxiety. So we'll need to work on that.

Kaydence had her 6 month photo shoot on Saturday. I still need to add a few more photos, but until then, here are some of the pictures. I wish I was a better photographer -- they didn't turn out exactly the way I had wanted them to -- but they'll have to do. I'm planning on posting some more without a hat on to show her cute bald head. Until then, enjoy!


Alicia Smith Osland said...

Leah, I didn't know pediatricians pierce ears. I can't wait to see photos of her pierced ears. I love that look on baby girls!

Jodi said...

It's so bittersweet - it's exciting to see them grow up, but at the same time I want to hit the pause button!
BTW, I think her photos look great!

Leah said...

alicia, yeah, i felt a little better about it when i found that out. i had done a little research on it beforehand, and pediatricians use a disposable earring "gun" (or whatever you call it) so they aren't reusing it over and over again as opposed to Claire's (or at least that's my understanding). so i felt a little better about it.

jodi, thanks! yeah, i definitely wish i could hit that pause button...i already look back at pictures of her when she was born and can't believe she was that small. it's crazy how they grow right before your eyes. i'm sure you already notice that with sydney.

amyswor said...

Think you were a smart mommy for piercing Kaydence's ears as an infant. We did our dd at 6 wks
after our ped encouraged me earlier was better.

She gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced if any other moms are
interested. Write me an e-mail.