7 Weeks

Kaydence is 7 weeks old today. She has started to smile a lot more. Although, I still haven't been able to capture it on camera yet. She was giving daddy lots of smiles in bed this morning as he was singing Beatles songs to her...it was so cute. By the time I got the video camera out, she was all smiled out, but I did get a couple half smiles on video. I will upload that video later today.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Madison to visit my friends at Foley. She slept through the whole thing, but everyone seemed to enjoy her anyway.

She is starting to enjoy some of her toys and looking at books during tummy time (see picture below). Earlier in the week I thought she was coming down with my cold, but now I just think she is trying to fight it off. She never got a full blown cold, but she has been sneezing more than usual and her nose has been a little stuffy. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything more than it is right now.

Kaydence has been burping a lot better after she eats, but she still complains when she burps and spits up. Not sure if it's gas or reflux, but at least we haven't had many meltdowns. I think there were just two this week after she ate. She has also been a lot happier during her awake times, giving us smiles and such.

This past week we got into a great bedtime routine that resulted in our entire family getting about 6.5 hours of sleep in a row at night. It was wonderful! I've been feeding her around 8:30 p.m., change diaper, bath, lotion and pj's, crying from the lotion, doze off, then dream feed at 10:30 p.m., swaddle, and put to bed. She had been sleeping from 11:00/11:30 p.m. to 5:30/6:30 a.m. this entire week, until last night. Last night she woke up again at 2:00 a.m. to eat. Oh well. I associated it to the fact that she hadn't pooped for an entire day and I think she was struggling to do so. Hopefully, she'll get her poop out and then get back into the routine tonight. We'll see, I guess.

There is a sweet sleepy daddy/daughter picture below that I love. It's also proof to how much she looks like her daddy. It's so cute -- I love it!

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