We may get a March 11 baby afterall!

Early on in my pregnancy, Teirney and I both decided March 11 would be a good day for Bebita to arrive. March 11 is significant because it is exactly 8 years from the day Teirney and I started dating. In addition, it is not too close to our anniversary (March 16), so we can keep the two celebrations separate, and last but not least, it is before March Madness so Teirney would be able to stay home the following week, just in time to watch a ton of basketball with his new little daughter. So we have had little talks with Bebita to convince her that March 11 would be a good day for her to make her debut.

Now to explain. Today I had a NST to monitor Bebita and check my blood pressure. My blood pressure was high again when I first got there (160/90), but gradually came down (130/90) as I was being monitored. My midwife said the NST was good and Bebita looks fine, but my blood pressure is still disconcerting. The good news is that the 24-hour urine test and labs they did earlier this week were normal. The concern is that because I have preliminary signs of Preeclampsia, my condition could change very quickly at any given time, so that is why she wants to watch me very closely. She said the only reason I got a ticket out of the hospital on Wednesday was because my blood pressure went down when they turned me on my side, otherwise, they would have induced me on Wednesday. She said she really doesn't think my blood pressure will go back down -- it will either stay the same or could get worse -- until I have this baby. So I remain on strict bedrest.

My midwife wants me to do another 24-hour urine sample beginning Sunday and then I have another NST next Tuesday and Friday, as well as a growth ultrasound on Friday (my belly is measuring 35 cm). She said if things look worse, they will induce me. But if things look the same next week, she will induce me at 39 weeks (the following week). So Bebita will either be here next week or the following week for sure, which is where March 11 comes in. I am 39 weeks on March 10, so if they would induce me that day, there is a good possibility that I would have her on March 11 (with the way inductions usually go). So there are still a lot of "ifs," but you never know, it could happen.

I'm just so grateful that I'm still going to have a March baby and I'll hopefully be over this awful cold by then. I was just dreading the possibility of being induced this week because I couldn't imagine going through labor in this condition.

So my prayer is that no matter what happens, Bebita arrives safe and sound and perfectly healthy. I am quite worried about being induced as I've seen how long and drawn out they can be and not to mention a lot of inductions can end up in c-section. I was hoping to go into labor on my own, but I guess that just wasn't meant to be.

I'm so blessed to have my mom come and stay with me as of next Tuesday until sometime after Bebita is born. Thank you, Mom! :-)

Please keep us all in your prayers in the next week or so as we make final preparations to meet our sweet little angel baby.

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Sarah B said...

Don't worry Leah. My friend from out west just had her 2nd child and both of them were induced and the both went realy well for her.
Hope you're doing well otherwise. :) can't wait to meet the little one :)