Q: What does a toilet, a plastic hat, a jug, and a refrigerator all have in common?

A: 24-hour urine test!!! Yay for me!

So to back up, I called my midwife this morning because Bebita has been very quiet the last couple days. She is normally pretty active in the morning (before I get out of bed) and at night before I go to bed. Over the weekend, I would feel her move every once in awhile during the day, but she was very quiet in general and barely moved (if at all) during her normal active times in the morning and at night. Teirney even noticed it because we have a family routine of cuddle time in the morning and she just wasn't moving like normal yesterday and today. My midwife said I should come in for a NST (non-stress test) just to be on the safe side. So I got ready, picked up Teirney and went in at 10:00 this morning. Of course, on the way there, she started moving a little more and by the time they hooked me up to the machine she was going nuts in there rolling around like crazy. So the good news is Bebita is fine and her heartrate was great.

The bad news, however, is that my blood pressure was pretty high today (144/80), I had more protein in my urine than I did last week, and my weight was up 3 pounds in just 5 days (since my last appointment). I continue to see floaters, but I haven't had any headaches or significant swelling, so I don't have all of the symptoms for Preclampsia, but I have some. She expressed some concern though and wanted to do some blood tests and have me do a 24-hour urine sample. So for the next 24 hours I have to pee in a plastic hat, pour it into a container, and put it in the refrigerator...fun, fun.

My next appointment is on Wednesday and they will evaluate everything at that point to see if it would be necessary to put me on bed rest to keep my blood pressure down. She did mention the "i" word (induction), but I don't think they would go there unless I start exhibiting other signs of Preeclampsia, like excessive swelling and/or headaches. We'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, but I'm glad they're monitoring it closely.

I'm sure I'll still be having a March baby, no worries (we hope so anyway)! :-) I'll probably do my 37 week post on Wednesday after my appointment to give everyone an update.

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