Week 9: Bebito's First Picture

Tuesday, August 12, finally arrived...woohoo!!!

I apologize in advance for any graphic detail you may read in this blog that you did not ask to hear. I figure most of you won't mind. For those of you who do mind, you may want to skip over this next part.

I was told that I would need to drink 32 ounces of water an hour before my ultrasound because you need a full bladder for the test. I was petrified about this because I haven't been able to keep much food or water down and I was sure that by drinking all that water there was no way I would be able to keep it down. So I eased into it all morning by hydrating myself so that when I had to drink the 32 ounces it would go straight to my bladder. It worked and I kept it all down. However, the technician said my bladder was a little too full, but she was able to accomplish what she needed.

Everything went fine and we got to see our Bebito -- so cute! I love Bebito already! Bebito was moving and squirming about quite a bit and we got to see his/her heart beating fast. Bebito is already forming little hands and feet and the technician pointed out his/her little leg. Teirney looked a little serious during the ultrasound so I could tell it was finally starting to hit him. But we both couldn't be happier.

I'm officially 9 weeks along and Bebito's due date is March 17, 2009 (the day after our 7th anniversary and St. Patrick's Day). Bebito's heart rate was 183 bpm, which I was told is normal for how far along I am. We got to take home pictures, one of which is attached below.

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marah said...

I love this, Leah. Both you and your wee one. You are going to be a mommy!