{four months}

Oh my...this is embarrassingly late.  Quincey is actually almost 5 months (in two days).  :-(  Where does the time go?

Weight: 14lbs, 2.5oz (25%)
Height: 25.5 inches (50%)
Head: 40cm (10%)

And just because...she wanted to hold him, but he was just done.  Sweet girl sure loves her brother though.

Where to begin???  My baby is growing and it gives me such mixed emotions.  It's so fun to see all the new things he is doing, but sad that my baby is growing up already...both my babies for that matter.

Quincey has mastered sitting up on his own this month.  He still leans forward a bit, but he can balance himself really well and even catches himself from falling with his hands.  I think he'll have it perfected this next month.  He is still such a good baby and very contented...unless he has a belly ache or just wants to go to sleep.  Which brings me to our latest saga.  Quincey has had a hard time pooing.  He went 16 days without a BM.  The last time I was at the pedi, I told her he would go about 7 or so days before having a BM and she said she wasn't too concerned about it because it wasn't that uncommon.  But once he hit 14 days, I was starting to get concerned.  I tried putting a call into the pedi on Friday before the long weekend, but we were never able to connect.  Fortunately I have some friends who are doctors and moms who have experienced the same thing and they gave me a little advice.  I gave him some juice (I was told prune, pear, or apple juice) mixed with water.  He drank it, but he had a hard time choking it down -- I'm assuming because it is thinner than milk?  Then he would spit a lot of it up and it still didn't produce a bowel movement, so....we ended up giving him a suppository.  It worked in a matter of 10 minutes and I think it made him feel so much better.  However, where do we go from here?  I called the pedi this morning and she said if he doesn't go again in another 3-5 days that I should give him straight pear juice.  I am hoping and praying that will work.  

This boy loves to eat that is for sure.  He is getting to be a very big boy with some very chunky things (nom, nom, nom).  He is eating so well in fact that I thought we might start him on solids soon.  He is so ready!  He keeps on drooling like crazy while he watches us eat.  So I actually did give him some rice cereal for the first time on September 2 and again on September 3.  The pedi had said that sometimes solids helps babies with their bowel movements, but I have also heard that rice cereal can be constipating, so I don't know.  When I talked to the pedi today, she said to just give him oatmeal instead of the rice, since it can be constipating.  He did well with the cereal, and seemed to like it ok, but he wasn't overly excited. lol  So I actually might wait a bit longer before pushing it.  I'm in no rush, that's for sure.  The longer I can go without having to go through the motions of making baby food, the better. ;-)  

Quincey is such a happy smiley baby.  We can always make him smile and laugh so easily -- so, so different from Kaydence.  She was such a serious baby and we really had to work at it to get her to smile or laugh.  We can even get Quincey to laugh when he is crying.  It's hilarious.  He gets so anxious to eat.  Every time I get ready to feed him and lay him down on my lap to get ready, he just can't contain himself and fusses until he gets what he wants.  It's so funny because he knows it is coming, but he just can't wait.  

He still doesn't like the bumbo too much.  He loves the exersaucer though and is starting to outgrow the swing (though he still likes it).  He stands so well and actually tries to walk while holding our hands.  He has the stepping motion down.  He is also almost crawling...or trying to I should say.  He puts his knees up underneath him and scoots himself forward.  He still hasn't rolled from his back to his belly yet though...crazy boy.  Nothing I do to try to get him to roll works...he just lays there. lol  

The other day, a friend held him for a bit while I was right there and he got this pouting lip and started crying.  I'm not going to lie, I kinda liked it.  Kaydence never cared when other people held her (which is nice, but sometimes I wished that she would show some emotion about it). lol  I don't know if he'll be a mamas boy or not, but either way, he is my sweet baby boy.  Lately, he has been wrapping his arms around my neck and it feels like a hug...I love it!

I feel like he is looking a lot more like Kaydence these days.  Maybe it is in my head, but when he smiles, it completely reminds me of Kaydence.

Oh I love my babies so...

Kaydence loves her little brother so much.  She is always so helpful and wants to play with him and give him his paci if he is sad.  She is always talking to him so sweetly.  Lately, she has been a little (unknowingly) rough when she has been playing with him.  She likes to put his toes in his mouth (which he loves), but when she grabs his legs to put up to his mouth, it sometimes looks like she is going to rip it off. lol  So I just need to remind her to be gentle.  She has never done anything intentionally mean to him though, which I'm grateful for.

Well, that is about all I can think of right now.  I'll need to be taking his 5 month photo pretty soon. :-(  Growing too, too fast!

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Cassandra said...

I can't believe he is going to be 5 months already! Wait, what is today's date? Tomorrow...that's crazy! How fun about him sitting and working on crawling! He definitely has the muscles to do both! <3